[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2015-11-14, 02:44)Milhouse Wrote:
(2015-11-13, 20:28)marhutchy Wrote: Also, the code that you provided, will I have to have 2 batch files, one that I run after the other is finished?
Or can I put both in the same batch file?

You can put them both in the same batch file, they'll run sequentially. Please try not to run the imdb part of the script more than once a day for each of movies and tvshows to avoid spamming omdbapi.com - the data doesn't update any more often than that.
can you make a example for a windows-batch-file where more then on command is in use please?

Sorry I have a lot of questions where I cant find an answers.
Where I can use the sep = | in the texturecache.cfg? For what's that seperator?
When I have a texturecache.cfg in the same folder as texturecache.py - have I use it in the command string like e.g. "texturecache.py C movies @config=texturecache.cfg" or can I omitting "@config=texturecache.cfg"?

I have scraped my movies and TVshows with EmberMediamanager and not with kodi. So all needed files e.g. movie.nfo, movie-fanart.jpg, movie-clearlogo.png ... are local in every movie folder. The Thumbnails-Folder is substitute to my server. This folder blow up more and more. Now I want to synch mysql-kodi-db and every local Textures13.db with the movie files. I do not want that texturecache.py download informationen from the WAN and save this in the different db's or in the .nfo-file. Do I need a special parameter that texturecache.py read/use only the local files or informations? Does texturecache.py synch the extra-arts and special-arts like extrathumb.jpg or clearlogo.png too?

I do not understand the principle/expiration of texturecache.py.
Does the script look first in the kodi.db (mysql-db), find the path to a movie, synch then textures13.db
does the script look in the movie sources first then add/synch the informations in kodi.db then synch textures13.db?

Hope you understand my bad English.

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