[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
Hi Milhouse

I have a problem, and I hope the TCMu can correct it permanently.

The trouble is with some manually created banner images (displayed in MOVIES section, "Media info 3" view, "Use wide banners" selected).

My artwork is stored locally - movies are in separate folders - and I've created my own banners for items that Artwork Downloader could not get a hit on. Naming convention follows this pattern: "The Hunger (1983)-banner.jpg".

The issue is occasionally, when something changes in the system (like today after I updated to Krypton #0117), kodi will "forget" the reference to these manual images, and display plain text in their place.

I know... this sounds so N00B-ie Confused. I don't have a solid understanding of where kodi really keeps the images, and I thought local files would take priority over images from online sources. The evidence suggests I'm way outta the loop... Sad

This will be my first attempt using your utility... so it's with very cautious keystrokes I try to resolve the problem, once-and-for-all (I hope). The only way I've found to get these images back - after they've been "disconnected" - is to step through each item using the Choose Art dialog, scroll to Banner, and click around till the local file is re-recognized.

Very clunky, time consuming, and I'm sure there must be a way to have these guys permanently associated as the banner images to display.

BTW, I frequently EXPORT the library to separate files, hoping this somehow prevents the files from being "disconnected" again. Heh-heh... I guess not.

Tips, pointers, and comprehensive instructions are all welcome, and greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance...
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