[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
Great feed-back, I thank you for that !

I will be using your command for my scripts. (simple)

I have removed my "sleep 1h" earlier today since my single test made between vclean and vscan showed me a wait state.... (my entire schedule elapsed time was to large) Tk's again for sharing this information, obviously my single test wasn't good enough.

Smart move using a tail check on the Artwork Downloader... (Hopefully AD script will write the same text in the log file in the futur....)
My script will be running locally therefore I will check cron setup for this monitoring log.
No luck on the other scripts, they don't have such end logs.

With your information I need to do some homework on the extra-arts stuff allowing me to increase my knowledge.
How come that a "new art standard" is not yet defined ? Confluence is not using them but IMO in 2016 a default skin must have more bells and whistles.
Yes for a PI2 installation I understand but the install program should be intelligent enough to find this out and propose an alternative for other hardware.
(you don't have to comment on this, I just hope that Kodi organization will bring it to the next level soon - I enjoy so much this product that sometimes I'm having hard time to sell it to a non technical user)

I was reading the other proposal and it looks good but what I'm using is fine at the moment. My intention first is to complete a "good" cron job.

Quote:By the way, use logo or clearlogo, not both. The artwork extension is -logo.png, but needs to create an artwork association of "clearlogo". mklocal.py will handle this automatically.
Good to know.

Quote:Also, in order to cache your extra fanart and thumbs in step #7, you'll need to add "cache.extrafanart = yes" and "cache.extrathumbs = yes" to texturecache.cfg. Although these options would no longer be necessary once extrafanart/extrathumbs is correctly associated with their movies in the media library.
Thank you, very interesting.

To immediately see the difference when I add/change an art file I have to run:
1) texturecache.py C movies "movie_name"
2) texturecache.py C tvshows "show_name"
What should be run as a command to grab automatically those changes and only those changes?
(I'm interested to include this in my schedule therefore specific names should be automatically detected)

Sometime I change the nfo file : Title, Original Title, plot, outline, genre, set.
Following this wiki it will refresh the information and make them available immediately.
Refresh individually

    Select the item in file view and either press I on the keyboard, or bring up the contextual menu (press C).
    Select "Movie information" or "TV show information".
    Then select "Refresh".
I haven't found yet the command in Kodi to run in my scheduler for a local refresh. Any ideas what it is ?
I will do some bash scripting to verify date/time of those nfo files and apply this command upon a file modification.
Texturecache / mklocal can't do that right ?

From a previous post :
You mentioned a list of command for recurring cleanup
texturecache.py P
texturecache.py R
texturecache.py Xd
texturecache.py c movies
texturecache.py c sets
texturecache.py c tvshows
texturecache.py imdb movies | c:\texturecache.py set   <-- maybe only who want this
texturecache.py imdb tvshows | c:\texturecache.py set  <-- maybe only who want this
Any other suggestions at this time ?

Thank you again for your patience and availability.
If you have a chance one day to modify you first post and write your best case scenario DB maintenance for a script run locally.
(you have to limit your documentation time, since I haven't see anyone else asking, my case is a very good case for such bullet point list ) :-)
It would have the recipe and recurring frequency of each item based on your standards.

- Your texturecache should be integrated by default, what is the team-kodi process to activate this ?

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