[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
I've been dipping my toes into texturecache.py the last week or so. Thank you Milhouse for this powerful program. I've managed to learn enough to get things going, but some things still elude me.

1. It would be easiest if I can run it remotely (from a MacBook to a Kodi installation on a Mac Mini). I've got that to work by specifying kodi.hosts= in the config file, but as noted in several posts, access to the Thumbnails folder is trickier. I should have no trouble giving an absolute path to the Thumbnails folder on the Mini, but the format eludes me. If I give anything not preceded by '/', it gets treated as a relative path. But these don't work:
thumbnails=/ Support/Kodi/userdata/Thumbnails
thumbnails=/afp:// Support/Kodi/userdata/Thumbnails
Am I missing some syntax issue?
Also, I don't understand why just Thumbnails relative to userdata doesn't work, as it works for the Database.

2. Apparently Kodi has to be running so the webserver is running for any of this to work? I tried the 'wake' command, that seems to only wake the computer. Is there an easy command line way to start Kodi on the Mini? Having to go through Screen Sharing is sometimes tedious.

3. I've put new logo.png files in the source folders of many movies (all of the artwork is local). To replace the previous ones, I did
./texturecache.py C movies
a. is there a way to specify only one type of artwork to re-cache?
b. Although the output indicated a bunch of logos were recached, Kodi (or the skin, Nebula), often didn't update them. Artwork Downloader solo showed that it "downloaded" a new logo, but still the old one showed in the skin. Not until I used Artwork Downloader GUI for the movie, and selected the logo, then the new logo showed up.

Enough for now! Thanks.
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