[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2019-10-15, 12:24)Milhouse Wrote: I don't know how you've populated the "Parents" media library, or corresponding texture cache. Is the "Parent" profile separate or shared? If separate, were the "Parent" libraries copied from "master" (default) or created from scratch?
The parent profile is my master profile ("Eltern" in German), I just renamed it. Strangely enough, the cast thumbs are not deleted from the second "Children" ("Kinder" in German) profile, which I created as an additional standalone separated profile (python texturecache.py p @profile.name=Children).
Quote:If you copied from master, maybe the cached cast artwork isn't present in the "Parents" media library. Check you have enabled "Download actor thumbnails" in Settings > Media > Videos for the "Parents" profile.
I had already activated this option.
Quote:Failing that, a logfile (@logfile=tc.log) for the p prune command should help explain what is occurring (lowercase p won't remove anything, but will instead list what it would have deleted). I'll need the entire log file, so probably best to zip it and upload it somewhere.
Ok, there is my log file:
Quote:Note that the cache.castthumb option only dictates whether the script will cache cast artwork (if there are references to the cast artwork in your media library). In the texture cache there's no way to tell a cast artwork from a poster - all cached artwork is just a "thumbnail" without any specific type (ie. poster, fanart, cast etc.) - so there's no way to prevent removal of a thumbnail that happens to be a cast artwork, apart from adding a regex to prune.retain.types - if all your cast artwork is hosted on imdb.com then adding prune.retain.types=http://ia.media-imdb.com might stop unreferenced cast artwork from being removed.
If the root cause can't be found, I should try that, shouldn't I?

I have just seen that with selected "Parent" profile also thumbnails of children medias (e.g. episode thumbnails) should also be deleted, but they are not present in the parent profile at all, these media files were never added by me to the library in the parent profile!

Is it possible that Kodi gets confused internally when using profiles, or was it because I cached the textures before? But also here I strictly separated the profiles:

First -> python texturecache.py c @profile.name=Parents
Second -> python texturecache.py c @profile.name=Children

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