[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2019-11-22, 19:48)Milhouse Wrote: Not easily as the texture cache is not meant for sharing - the idea is that the texture cache is a local resource for each client. Maybe you can achieve something close to what you want with path substitution but that has all sorts of issues because, as said already, the texture cache is not meant to be shared.

What you really want is UPnP but that's still a work in progress.

What I'd suggest is that you scrape new content into a "master" instance of kodi, then iterate over your other kodi clients, waking them if required, cache all the new artwork, the put the client back to sleep (if it wasn't already awake). You can accomplish this by making various calls to texturecache.py and a bit of script work. 
Thanks for the information.

Yeah, I don't really need to share the texture caches, I was just wondering if they could be on and updated on the remote server only with out the clients running.

I ended up doing something similar to your suggestion, but real time updating of cache as new content is scanned is pretty much out of the question. Since the Client PCs are not exclusive to Kodi use, I need to: Wake the client PC -> Start Kodi -> Update texture cache -> Close Kodi. What if Kodi is already playing something when the cache update script finishes wants to close it? Also if I'm doing something else on the machine I don't want Kodi window popping up. I guess it could be done with advanced scripting, but it goes beyond my ability.

So I update the caches at night, not perfect but I guess it will have to do.

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