[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2020-02-28, 07:02)Milhouse Wrote: @littlejeem: I've had a look, and there's a problem with the webserver requests as all pre-caching download requests are failing.

It's as if Kodi doesn't have access to the artwork (but it's not logging anything useful).

This is the Files.PrepareDownload method that is failing - this must succeed before any artwork can be downloaded (and thus cached) by Kodi, but it fails every item of artwork:

2020-02-26 18:32:46.763537:Thread-1 : preparedl.JSON WEB REQUEST: [POST] [{"jsonrpc": "2.0", "params": {"path": "image://smb%3a%2f%2f192.168.0.2%2fSD%20Films%2f(500)%20Days%20of%20Summer%20(2009)%2f(500)%20Days%20of%20Summer.DVD-fanart.jpg/"}, "method": "Files.PrepareDownload", "id": "preparedl"}]
2020-02-26 18:32:47.231921:Thread-1 : preparedl.RECEIVED WEB DATA: 200, OK, {"error":{"code":-32602,"data":{"details":null},"message":"Invalid params."},"id":"preparedl","jsonrpc":"2.0"}

Not sure if it's available in Kodi 18, but try enabling "JSON-RPC", "Webserver" and "Database" component debug logging then run the following test:

texturecache.py c movies "Days of Summer"

and upload both kodi and texturecache logs. Earliest I can look at it will be Sunday.

thanks so much for looking at this @Milhouse.

I've gone into kodi->system->logging->Turned on Debug, Selected "specifiy component-specific logging"->"JSON-RPC", "Webserver" and "Database", clicked "OK".

Ran script command as requested and zipped both logs here

I also ran a manual refresh of the movie "Batman Returns" from within kodi which works and the log is here in case it helps.

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