[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2020-03-24, 07:15)Milhouse Wrote: Based on your log, it looks like most of your tvshows are already cached.
Unfortunately this is not the case. Could it be related to the fact that I have previously cleaned up the parent master profile (see comment below), and that this also deleted all the assets of the children profile. But apparently it didn't record this in the children's textures.db (because the parent profile was active) and now assumes that they are all still chached. I use Kodi 18.x, which has known problems with profiles and profile switching.
Quote:The log tells me that you have 20665 artwork items skipped (already cached), and only 274 were selected for caching (of which 4 items failed to cache: 3 cast thumbnails from thetvdb.com, and one "Season All" poster for "smb://FRITZ-NAS/FRITZ.NAS/Mediaserver_4/Kinder/Serien3/Das Geheimnis der Hunters/season-all-poster.psp" - what's a psp?)
Of the 20665 artworks only about 7000 are manually cached, I think it wrongly assumes that more are already cached, which is not the case!
A PSP is a Corel Paint Shop Pro file. But it should not be cached, because a suitable JPG is also in the folder.
Quote:When the script runs is Kodi switching to use the "Kinder" profile? The log informs that the "Kinder" profile is loaded by Kodi, so I assume this is working.
Yes, I have already switched manually to children ;-)
Quote:If you cache for the "Master user" (Eltern?) profile, do you get different cache results?
When I clean up the Parents profile (P), all assets of the children profile are also deleted. The parent profile is renamed from "Master user" to "Parent".

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