[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2020-06-02, 05:52)Milhouse Wrote:
(2020-05-29, 18:45)Raytestrak Wrote: Is it possible to NOT process a certain source? I have 8Gb storage in my mediaplayer and 1Tb of photo's I use as a slideshow screensaver. To prevent them from being cached, they're mounted in my skin folder (which isn't cached).

texturecache.py sources shows it like this: pictures: Fotos: special://skin/_fotos/Public.

When I purge my texturecache, it still processes my pictures even though I have prune.retain.pictures = yes in my texturecache.cfg. Loading Pictures takes about 15-20 minutes to finish, but there's never anything to clear so I was wondering if I could bypass it all together. Would be a nice feature too ./texturecache -P <source>, but that's because I have pseudo OCD. Whenever I delete a movie for instance, I run texturecache.py Smile

purge != prune - there is a purge option which is very different to the P (prune) option! Smile

The problem with ignoring a source is that P is matching all cached artwork against all media library sources, and if you exclude a source then there's likely to be cached artwork (corresponding to the ignored source) that now doesn't have a matching media library entry and these items would then be removed (pruned).

I'm pretty sure that kodi *is* going to cache your photos (as it displays them, unless the screensaver is loading them in a way which bypasses the texture cache) so I think you do want to have the texturecache.py script consider your pictures source, otherwise your cached photos would be removed from the cache each time you run P (which means kodi will re-cache them next time they're displayed etc.).

You could try this test version of texturecache.py which ignores the Pictures source when pruning: http://ix.io/2o57 - download it and save it as ./test.py (don't forget chmod +x ./test.py) then run ./test.py p (not P!) and see if that wants to remove any of your photos - if not then I guess the screensaver isn't caching them, and I'll think about adding an option to ignore Pictures sources.

Haha. You're right ... there are thumbs in my texturecache. All these years I've been bending myself backwards with startup scripts, symbolic links and manual editting of guisettings.xml files.

Still, performance wise it would be cool to be able to prune only a certain source. Say you delete a tvshow, instead of pruning everything, you could just prune tvshows. Don't know if that's possible at all (and I would understand it would be too much trouble to implement, just because some random guy on the internet has an OCD Rofl)
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