[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2020-06-02, 12:16)FXB78 Wrote:
(2020-06-02, 12:10)peque Wrote:
(2020-06-02, 09:19)peque Wrote: This is why fanart.tv requests keeps returning 503 error every now and then:


The question is: could the script be modified somehow to respect this max speed of 3 requests a second? I assumed that 1 thread max could slow down the process... but I see it's not the case. Could it just add a config option to limit requests at 1/second for example?

I see it was an error to delete all my thumbnails... Sad 
Ok. I know nothing about python, but I managed to find the place to add a "time.sleep(1)" and thus control download speed... BUT, I've tested some sleep values, and all of them end with a "ban" from fanart.tv. If I cancel script execution and restart it, it works again for some downloads, so I assume I should find a way to close and open the thread every few seconds... or... uglyer but also possible, I should find a way to automate that script "cancel/restart"... 
Which thumbnails are you trying to import? Did you try disabling fanart.tv and using an alternative. For Music you can use Universal Scraper, not sure about Video content but isn't there another option like tvdb or tmdb? 

That was an option, but I'm still in my way to learn about Kodi, and once "scraped" I don't know if disabling fanart.tv would do anything...

Finally I found a way to automatically cancel/restart script everytime I and an error (running it through a vbscript in SecureCRT), so my problem is solved.

Thanks anyway.

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