Frodo and Cinnamon

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Over the weekend I was testing out Linux Mint 14 with Cinnamon in a VM. I actually really like Cinnamon and thought this would be a great distro for XBMC (as I need a full desktop with XBMC running on top). I looked around to see if people were running all this and could only find a few topics that XBMC and Cinnamon do not play nice. I could not really find out any reasons for this however.

Anyone with experience why XBMC and Cinnamon do not place nice?

Anyone running Cinnamon on Mint 14?

Any possibility of XBMC and Cinnamon playing nice in the future, or getting it to work now?
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wsnipex Offline
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a few users confirmed that it works with the xvba branch, because the SDL windowing layer was removed. Mainline still has SDL.
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Mine seems to work, latest wsnipex and amd graphics with fglrx driver.

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