Solved Loss of HDMI when TV is powered off
(2013-03-06, 15:54)bluray Wrote: You probably need this- Gefen HDmi Detective Plus.....


Thanks and oddly enough I saw another post where you suggested this during my search. Cool device and I think you are exactly correct that it would solve my issue, but I am looking to do it a bit cheaper. Not sure the benefit is worth the $90 at this point. But thanks for the suggestion. I might jump on this one day if I can't fix it via software or some other means like Tape Smile

(2013-03-06, 20:21)edrikk Wrote: You need to block pin 19 on your HDMI cable...
See here:


I saw that suggestion in the discussion as well. I need to pull my TV off the wall to route some new cables. The HDMI cables I used were just a bit short and I have longer ones to run through the wall. If I get home this evening and find the same results as before, I will certainly give this a try. It fits the cheap and easy solution I am looking for. Would love to fix this via software, but some tape I can deal with.

Thanks again to everyone making suggestions and offering help. I will update later this evening once I find out the state of xbmc tonight.

(2013-03-06, 22:31)joe_sun Wrote: I had this happen before I started booting into a shell. What I discovered was XBMC would still work and when I played a movie or TV show it refreshed and fixed itself.

Mine is so small I can't really navigate through it in the scrunched up state. It is just a few quick button presses to restart xbmc, luckily I don't have to reboot the htpc or anything like that.

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