Win xbmc not finding metadata or connecting to remote server
Forgive me if i am a little dense on the topic as i'm pretty new to using xbmc and tvdb. I have uploaded three files to my xbmc and already have an issue! I uploaded the film Rango which found the metadata fine and has a cool description (works fine) i uploaded and album of mine, fetched data and worked completely fine. However, then it came to uploading The IT Crowd, Tv show. I uploaded it and scraped it using tvdb. On occassion, this said it could not connect to the remote server and other times it scans the file.Nevertheless, both times it comes back with no metadata, fanart or anything. I really want this to work so any help would be greatly appreciated! I have tried many different types of file names but i will list below the names of the files as it stands.

DATA (DSmile > Dowloads > TV shows > The IT crowd > Season.1.2006 > The.IT.Crowd.S01.E01 (example of episode 1 series 1)

Any help would be VERY GREATLY APPRECIATED as i have been stuck for soooo long!!! Smile
Give this a try. Remove the year from the name of your season folder so that it is simply "season.1" and try another scan.
Just tried, and came up with the error "could not download information, unable to connect to remote server" - I've been stuck on this for days now, so annoying! Thanks for help though!
Can anyone help? Very stuck over this problem? x
Welcome to the XBMC forums.

Your file structure and naming convention should work. I just created the following test folders/files in my "TV shows" directory and both the show and episode were added to my video library: TV shows/The IT crowd/Season.1.2006/The.IT.Crowd.S01.E01.mkv

Things to check:
  • Your episode file has a file extension that correctly identifies it as a video file (e.g., .avi, .mkv), as shown in my example above
  • Your "TV shows" folder is defined as a video source in XBMC and that you have set the content for this folder as containing TV shows and a TV scraper (e.g., TVDB) is assigned. This ensures that when you update the library, the entire "TV shows" folder is processed. Don't set content/scraper on the "Downloads" folder, because it will then think everything within that folder is to be scanned as TV shows (i.e., it'll think the "TV shows" folder itself is the name of a TV show, so it'll either come up empty or else identify it as some other show that may have the word "TV" in its title).
  • If you get "unable to connect with remote server" message, try again later in the day.
  • If the above don't solve your problem, enable debug log (wiki)ging, run a library update and then review your debug log (wiki) to see why the show did not scrape correctly.
Thanks for your comprehensive reply! I have checked all of the above criteria and all is met. I can't seem to work out why im getting this problem. I am going to run the debug logging and upload the log but if that doesnt do it i may consider reinstalling xbmc all together
I attempted to run the debug logging however, for some reason the file wasn't appearing where it said it was saving to, so i have decided to uninstall and reinstall it and see how this goes, will keepyou posted!!
(2013-03-07, 00:06)07jotters Wrote: I attempted to run the debug logging however, for some reason the file wasn't appearing where it said it was saving to, so i have decided to uninstall and reinstall it and see how this goes, will keepyou posted!!

If you haven't already begun your reinstall, you may want to verify you have "show hidden files" enabled in your operating system so the location of your debug log (wiki) (xbmc.log) is visible to you.
Rename Season.1 to Season 01
I am having the same problem. I've been using xbmc for over a year and now since the beginning of the week, no new tv show episodes will add to the library. The log advises that it is "unable to parse website".

Movies will add to the library fine but if I try to go into any existing TV Show > C > Show TV Information > Refresh it comes back that it cannot connect to remote server.

Nothing has changed on my nas or my machine. New TV Shows won't add and existing TV Shows won't refresh. Is it a problem with TVDB?
I re-installed the program but this did not fix the issue, neither has renaming any of the files! I really want it to work am thinking about trying to find an alternative download or upload the files from a dvd.
I just attempted to add another series to my collection this afternoon and I also get the message.
I decided to give it another go while I was posting so that I could type in the exact error message and it appears to be working again.

It is now working for me (when it wasn't earlier today), anyone who was having issues may want to try again.
Had this problem all week also...

Seems to me that TVdb just cant handle the traffic any more Sad

Scary thing is, there is nothing else out there to scrape from for TV !!
I''m not on my home PC so i can't retry to see if my problem is solved yet. I will check when i get back after work tomorrow, it would be a shame if TVdb cant handle the traffic as it's easily the best scraper out there Sad
Yep, in the UK here and The TVDB scraper is not playing well. Seeing "could not download information unable to connect to remote server" type error 99/100 times trying to scrape something.

TheTVDB needs mirrors, really. At least a couple of times a year it goes down for a while or gets overloaded. I appreciate the fact it is free, but yeah, mirrors would help a lot. Then XBMC could look down the mirrors list before giving the fail message. Even if brand new episodes wouldn't scrape, at least 95% of everything else would, which is a fair solution.
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