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Linux - Script to Refresh Slideshow without restart
Hi Everyone,

I'm kind of new to this, so please bear with me.

I'm running OpenElec XBMC for Raspberry Pi and I want to have it automatically start the slideshow as soon as XBMC starts. I've figured that part out with the below script and added the file to the users directory.

import xbmc

xbmc.executebuiltin("SlideShow (smb://<IP ADDRESS>/images)")

This works successfully on our local network where all of our images are stored in a shared directory. XBMC Starts up, Loads the slideshow and the images display just as needed.

What I'd like to be able to do is have it where XBMC will refresh the directory at a certain interval, lets say every 5 minutes or so and have the slideshow update without having to stop and restart the slideshow. From time to time I'd like to be able to add new images to the network share and have them automatically display.

I found some info about this on this thread, but it's a script for running on an XBOX.

Does anyone know how I can add the correct coding to my file so that it will work like the above thread? I'm hoping it's just a newbie mistake I'm making.

Thanks in advance for your help.
just a quick bump since i'm trying to find the exact same information.

i want to make a slideshow regularly check for new images in the image folder. easiest way seems to be to make the slideshow restart every ten minutes or so, but i don' know how to do that...

anyone got any ideas/suggestions?

edit: this addon ( can run your script every hour. ive installed it and told it to run the script every hour. unfortunately it cant do any more frequently than that. plus it would probably be useless because it would presumably just interrupt whatever you were doing at the time Big Grin

plus it didnt seem to work for me anyway.

I have exact same problem. I am running kodi on a raspberry pi and I need to be able to run the slideshow of pictures from a directory. The directory gets updated remotely. Pictures may be updated (added or deleted) daily or even hourly and the slideshow needs to be able to display new pictures and not display the deleted ones. Currently, when new pictures are added, the slideshow does not update itself until it is restarted.

Has anyone found a solution for this?

Thank you so much!

I am also looking for a slideshow refresh solution. I tried several Add-ons (Watchdog and Auto-update) but it look very much that these are for Audio and Video only and not for JPG images in a slideshow.
Any help would be welcome.

Regards, Benny.
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