INFO labels for slideshows and picture lists are incomplete
The jpeg parsing code in XBMC can return a bunch of metadata from the picture file. Not all of this data is exposed as INFO variables for skin and addon developers to use.
I made some tables below to show the current state of the metadata available as $INFO variables to skin and addon developers.

The first 18 are available for slideshows and in lists.

The next 30 are only available when the picture is shown in a slideshow. I don't know what a lot of them mean, but if someone would want to see them overlaid on a slideshow, they might also want to see them when the picture is shown on its own in a list.
I would like to make these 30 available as ListItem.PictureXxx labels.

The next 3 (ImageType, SubLocation, TimeCreated) are not available at all.
I would like to make these 3 available as and ListItem.PictureXxx labels.
I can not find any documentation on the meaning of ImageType or TimeCreated. I use Sublocation in my pictures all the time.

The last 10 I don't think need to be exposed.

Is there a reason why these labels are not available, or is it just that no one has gotten around to it?
If there is no reason not to, I will add the new labels into the code and update the wiki.
I'll also fix the spelling of slideshow.aperture and slideshow.headline.

Available as slideshow.* and ListItem.*
ApertureFNumber        apreture         PictureAperture
CameraMake             cameramake       PictureCamMake
CameraModel            cameramodel      PictureCamModel
Caption                caption          PictureCaption
Comments               exifcomment      PictureComment
DateTime               exiftime         PictureDate PictureDateTime
Description            exifdescription  PictureDesc
Distance               focusdistance    PictureFocusDist
ExposureMode           exposuremode     PictureExpMode
ExposureTime           exposuretime     PictureExpTime
FocalLength            focallength      PictureFocalLen
FocalLength35mmEquiv   focallength      PictureFocalLen
Height, Width          resolution       PictureResolution
ISOequivalent          isoequivalence   PictureIso
GpsLat                 latitude         PictureGpsLat
GpsLong                longitude        PictureGpsLong
GpsAlt                 altitude         PictureGpsAlt
Keywords               keywords         PictureKeyword

Available only as slideshow.*
Author                 author
Byline                 byline
BylineTitle            bylinetitle
Category               category
CCDWidth               ccdwidth
City                   city
Copyright              copyright
CopyrightNotice        copyrightnotice
Country                country
CountryCode            countrycode
Credit                 credit
Date                   iptcdate
DigitalZoomRatio       digitalzoom
ExposureProgram        exposure
ExposureBias           exposurebias
FlashUsed              flashused
Headline               healine
IsColor                colour
LightSource            lightsource
MeteringMode           meteringmode
ObjectName             objectname
Orientation            orientation
Process                process
ReferenceService       referenceservice
Source                 source
SpecialInstructions    specialinstructions
State                  state
SupplementalCategories supplementalcategories
TransmissionReference  transmissionreference
Whitebalance           whitebalance

Not available

No need to expose
CommentsCharset       Used internally to provide [EXIF] Comments correctly
DateTimeOffsets       Could be used internally to modify [EXIF] DateTime.  Currently not used.
numDateTimeTags       Could be used internally to modify [EXIF] DateTime.  Currently not used.
GpsInfoPresent        GPS info is returned if the info is there
RecordVersion         Documents version of the IPTC standard used in the file.
ThumbnailOffset       Internal thumbnails not used
ThumbnailSize         Internal thumbnails not used
LargestExifOffset     Internal thumbnails not used
ThumbnailAtEnd        Internal thumbnails not used
ThumbnailSizeOffset   Internal thumbnails not used
I submitted a pull request that implements this change. Can one of the developers take a look?
2494 (PR)
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INFO labels for slideshows and picture lists are incomplete00