"Sedulight Amblight"
Check out this Youtube video:


Does not seem to be the usual "ambient" LED strips that remains static.

Is there an American product equivalent to "Sedulight Amblight" or whatever this is called? I tried googling on "Sedulight", and only websites in foreign languages came up that I cannot comphrend.

Does anyone have this as part of their TV setup? Would love to know more about this lighting setup

Thanks in advance
Looks like they're using individually addressable LEDs, such as the ws2801 LEDs. I'm guessing sedulight is a translation of ambilight.

This thread


Has pictures, video and a write up of my 414 channel boblight setup using ws2801 LEDs.
Sedulight is just the name of the product, I think its sold in germany.

Its pretty expensive without having a lot of channels/leds.

Check out this tutorial and the boblight threads here in the forum:


You can get all the parts from aliexpress for about 50bucks depending on how many LEDs you want.

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