playDVD addon for rpi
this will play your dvds from a connected usb dvd drive, since a lot of people are having problems playing dvds me...
if i use the xbmc dvd player then the dvd always freezes on the initial takes too much effort to try and play a dvd this way. from what i have read, there seems to be no can possibly be due to an older board with 256mb ram and polyfuses which limit the amps to the usb ports...or it could be due to a powered usb hub that is controlling the usb dvd player

so i took some ideas have read here in the board and elsewhere and made this addon...

it uses lsdvd to scan the dvd drive and then uses mplayer to load the longest track that is listed on the dvd as a mpg
and then on the tv screen it is automagically playing the longest track

if your raspbmc works to play dvds properly then it is not for you, mine does not and i wanted an easy way to load dvds from my usb dvd drive. i have tried many ways of doing this and from my perspective this works the best with what i have...all other solutions i have seen using mplayer will only play dvd://1 i have it now so that it will scan and play the longest track or it will scan and ask you which track to play
this should work with raspbian since it is a l;inux base, i dont know about openelec since i have never worked with it...

it also checks to makesure /dev/sr0 is mounted and if not it will mount /dev/sr0 to /media/cdrom

prereqs to get it to work (you need of course to have libdvdcss compiled)
apt-get install -y mplayer curl lsdvd
mkdir /media/LARGEFILES; mkdir /media/cdrom; mkfifo /media/LARGEFILES/dvd.mpg; chmod o+w /media/LARGEFILES/dvd.mpg;

alternatively, you can use the script i included to scan the dvd for all of the tracks longer than 60 seconds...i would like to figure out how to get this to work via xbmc (right now it only works via the linux terminal)
to use the script; it only works thru terminal/ssh so far
sh /home/pi/.xbmc/addons/script.playDVD/resources/

it will look like this
[email protected]:/home/pi# sh
libdvdread: Using libdvdcss version 1.2.12 for DVD access
Disc Title: FIREFLY_D3
Title: 01, Length: 00:43:55.053
Title: 02, Length: 00:42:48.176
Title: 03, Length: 00:42:53.000
Title: 04, Length: 00:43:41.300
Longest track: 01
Enter the track you want (^C to quit): 2
you entered track 2
{"id":"1","jsonrpc":"2.0","result":"OK"}[email protected]:/home/pi# ps -ef | grep mplayer
root 1722 1 6 18:30 pts/0 00:00:01 mplayer dvd://2 -dumpstream -dumpfile /media/LARGEFILES/dvd.mpg
root 1733 1312 0 18:31 pts/0 00:00:00 grep mplayer
[email protected]:/home/pi#
so it will use your input to play the track you want instead of only dvd://1

let me know if anyone can help with getting this to work via xbmc, i dont know python much to get output to show on screen and input selection
here is the addon, i hope you like it
I have just modified the script so now you can play iso files
this script will ask you for the path to the iso file, then it will ask which track you want to play, then it will read that track and play it via mplayer...
i have it running right now via a NFS mount on my raspberry pi and it is working perfectly...
just copy it to your rpi,
sample output follows
[email protected]:/home/pi# sh
Type the path of the iso
you have chosen /NFS/firefly1.iso as the source.
libdvdread: Using libdvdcss version 1.2.12 for DVD access
Disc Title: FIREFLY_D1
Title: 01, Length: 01:26:38.000
Title: 02, Length: 00:42:42.010
Title: 03, Length: 00:43:53.020
Longest track: 01
Enter the track you want (^C to quit): 2
you entered track 2
let me know what you think
after much work from myself and some other members of the community (mainly polybius and salawinder ), we now have a fully functional albeit still rough addon which works with the XBMC gui to play DVD and ISO files scans and allows you to choose which track you want to watch on your DVD/ISO

please see this thread, check out the #1 post for latest download, and also #27 for prereqs...
let us know what you think

possibly there is a different path to the .xbmc directory for Xbian, if it is an issue let me know
playDVD addon has been updated, now you can watch DVDs, ISOs, and VIDEO_TS folders
A little surprise that people haven't responded to this Sparky. It does involve some work as explained here and on the raspbmc forum, but once installled will play DVDs just fine. Great alternative untill DVD playback is supported by RASPBMC natively...
How do i play sub's with PlayDvd, dvd'are playing like a charm with your addon plus a mpeg lic from rpi. Greetz Gjdeboer
just in case anyone is interested, there is a new version of the addon for raspberry pi

you can now select chapters and all sorts o stuff

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playDVD addon for rpi0
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