Scraping movies from external Samba share...
Hey guys, i'm pretty stuck at the moment and here's why...

I've got a RaspberryPi with squeeze plug v6 installed, has the samba share and twonky media for UPNP so have the availability for both. Now i've ran into a few issues, ive installed xbmx onto my hp netbook for now, and it locates the smb and upnp shares fine so i can use either, however when i try to 'set content' for the samba share so i get all the movie info on my laptop it does nothing occasionallyin the top righ the load bar comes up as if its going to scrape it all, but then just instantly disapears? All the movies play fine, and i have around 220 movies ... these all scraped fine originally on the raspberry pi when that had xbmc installed and the external hdd directly connected to it, took about 40mins to scrape it all.

I've tried two scrapes and still the same, themoviedatabase and also universal movie scraper.

EDIT: It does actually find the artwork/cover for each dvd, however you have to actually click onto the film title and then hover over the file name/format e.g. "skyfall.mp4 1.98Gb". But i want it to create the seperate 'movies' directory on the xbmc homepage and have fanart rating etc without needing to click into the file itself (just like a normal xbmc setup).

Next problem is, on my xbox 360 when i try to play movies from the pi server, many of the videos don't play the sound, whereas on the laptop everythign works fine, again on my computer (also windows 7 xbmc) only about 30 movies alike the xbox play sound? But the confusing part is all the movies play fine on the laptop?! (p.s. the majority of the movies have been ripped from DVD's using DVDfab... these are the ones which only work on the laptop. )
using DVD

any help will be greatly appreciated guys...

I'm soon gonna get 2 or 3 more RPi's and each install xbmc and hook up to tv's around the home to access all my movies... but first i want to sort out the scraping issue!

It's probably something with file names. Scrapers can be very picky about having clean file names.

Give some examples literal examples of how your movie files are named.
No its not, im posotive because previousley I had xbmc running on the raspberry pi with the hdd full of movies connected directly via usb, it scraped them all fine then... however now ive setup the Rpi as a server for my devices so for now im using the laptop as the xbmc centre, so i connect to the rpi server using samba and/or upnp and now when i set content in the samba share what i said happens?
Your debug log (wiki) may tell you why it's failing to scrape those movies stored on your RPi.
I've got the log, but what should i look for ive had a brief look tyhrough but cant see anything about a scraper but theres lots and lots of text in the last 5mins.

Right, here is the debug log from the past minute of which i set the scraper going...

(MOD Edit: Removed in-line posting of log snippet)

that of any help?

I should also note, that these are the same files which were scraped previous by xbmc if that is of any use also...
so an example of one movie folder would be...

movies/007 Quantum of solace/ .actors + 007 quantum of solace(mp4) + quantum of solace(system info) + quantum of solace-fanart(jpeg) + quantum of solace-poster(jpeg)

i deleted all but the mp4 file in skyfall but made no difference when scraping...
Please do not post log or log snippets directly in your post. Instead, upload the contents of your entire log file to and post just the assigned URL here. The log you upload must encompass the time period in which you launch a library update job so any messages relevant to why the movies aren't being added to the library are logged.

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