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[BETA RELEASE] nbox (Lightbox mod)
(2013-05-17, 18:26)niamu Wrote: I did get feedback from ronie last night with the changes that I need to make before it will be accepted as final.

The issues that you're seeing with the image elements not changing with the theme is due to the fact that there are no compiled .xbt texture files available from the git repo. This is why the skin from the development repo does not have this issue as I rely on XBMC to handle the texture packing for me. Rest assured that this will work properly as it does from the development repo when the skin appears in the official repo.

Thank you niamu. I'll wait for the official release then
Niamu pls don't give up on this skin - It's come a long way since our early discussions and i'd hate to see it drift away.

It's great how far it has come - I haven't been on a lot lately due to family 'stuff' (only things certain in this life are death and taxes) but I'm going to be getting back into my films shortly and i'm sticking with this. I was so far behind in terms of the version of this, looks like a lot of further improvements have been made.

Feature requests seem frequent but it's YOUR skin so I guess accept or ignore them.

Many thanks for everything so far.

The skin is now official. I can now start to concentrate on feature requests for XBMC Gotham and 2.0 of nbox.

Thanks everyone for helping out this far. Smile
Wow! Congratulations naimu! I've been following nbox since its beginnings when you took over Tree_Jammers project and made it a reality. Bravo!
Congrats on 1.0! Big Grin

Still running it everyday, only bug remaining for me, and a minor one at that:

(2013-03-22, 08:57)username145 Wrote: while watching PVR, press "c", then "up" or "down". It takes 2 keypresses to actually scroll through the list the first time. It then works fine till you close the menu and bring it up again Smile
skin doesn't support romanian or russian fonts?..
This one also seems to have resurfaced:

(2013-03-16, 00:07)username145 Wrote: - Plot descriptions that contain paragraphs in them show up like this:

^ I was seeing this one too. Sad
This is AMAZING.
It could really bcome my new daily driver...
I hope you'll add a few views for movies/tv shows/music albums.
Just a great skin. One problem though, and a thread search didn't show any results for the topic. Most of my movies' art isn't showing. I'm getting screenshots instead. The ones that are showing are filed no different than the ones that aren't. When I go into Movie Information and Refresh, the art shows up fine, but I wouldn't want to do that for them all, and some of my art and info is customised so it'd be very manual. Is there a once off thing I need to do like trashing some file?

I have installed this skin using the Skin Development Repository and am loving it.

Now that it has gone out of beta, I am wondering if you recommend reinstalling this skin, or that I can keep using the Skin Dev Repo? If so, does it update the skin automatically or should I do something to do this?

i really like this skin, however i wish there were more viewing options.
First off: Thank you so much for this very beautifully crafted skin ... it is easy on the eye and to control. simply sleek and elegant.

theres one thing that came to my eye immediately. i don't have a problem with the "1 view for all" paradigm - i like the "keep it simple" idea too, but not seeing posters/covers for any of my movies is almost a dealbreaker (all these show up just fine in any other skin, so it must be something specific to this skin)

so that would be a +1 from me for the issue Kahnyl discribed already in post #145

actally i found out that when i "refresh" the information on a movie, it shows the movie poster properly afterwards ... a bit tedious, having to do this on each movie, and still weird that this is not necessary for other skins - but if that's what it takes to get the images show up properly, I'm willing to "take that challenge".
Can we PLEASE get more view options?
Surely there's a way to have multiple view options without compromising the consistent look of the UI?
If I could make a suggestion, how about a view that looks like just Windows 8 tile design (with different sized tiles such as big square, 1/2 size, 1/4 size, etc), except each tile shows different fanart of the movie you've currently got selected?
Or, being less elaborate, Perhaps a big square to one side showing fanart, then plot details in the middle, and the movie thumb/poster on the other side?

This is literally the only feature that is preventing me from switching to this skin permanently.

Also, I'm trying to activate the milkdrop visualisation whilst playing music in this skin, but all I get is a screen with the title of the album drifting across my TV... Is there any way to change this?
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[BETA RELEASE] nbox (Lightbox mod)4
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