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Windows - IPTV on XBMC
Hello all.

Is there a way to connect an set top box to xbmc or maybee even better to stream IPTV channels on xbmc instead of streaming in on the set top box?
At home I have an Scientific Atlanta STB that streams TV channels. I can use VLC player to stream the channels on my computer.

It's working in this way:

The STB has an IP address, for example:
On the network card of my PC I have to set the same ip address as on the STB. In this example:

After that in the VLC player I go to: File / Open Network Stream / UDP/RTP Multicast

And I can insert one of the following ip addresses to se the channels (for example):

... - Discovery Channel - Animal planet - travel and living - Discovery civilisation - Discovery Science - DoQ - MTV Base - Kapital Network - MTV Hits - MTV 2
... and so on...

Is there a way to stream directly the channels to xbmc? What frontend and backend to use? how to setup this? ...

I don't wan't to baypass the payment of the service or anything like that. I only would like to have everything i one place.

1) TVHeadend
2) IPTVsimple
3) VDR + IPTV plugin
Thanks j1nx, I've missed the iptvsimple.
And as the windows tag got added, I missed the option of MediaPortal. MP has IPTV support as well (both multicast as unicast)
Is this only for XBMC on a computer, I also have an IPTV box, can XBMC on atv2, Rpi or Pivos? Any help would be great! thanks
IPTV-simple pvr addon exists for windows,linux, ios\atv2, and rpi
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I'm using XBMC on Geexbox and I spent 24 hours but not succeed yet.

Tv headend seems ok. But there is no tab about iptv on tvheadend.

iptv simple 0.1.0 installed. (0.1.1 causes crashes on my system)

What the VDR + IPTV plugin ? How can i get them?

Please help this newbie.
You absolutely definitely want to use tvheadend instead of iptvsimple. The IPTV tab should be under Configuration -> Adapters -> IPTV, if it isn't then the guy who compiled your copy messed up.
Also there is no configuration tab too Sad

There was no iptvsimple on my copy. I installed it form a zip file.
And a edit: My iptvsimple ver: 0.1.1.

Ver: 0.1.5 and 0.1.0 causes crashes.

Also when I try play a stream Xbmc restarts. (Xbmc 12)

Mine is a Geexbox linux distrubition, works on a pc.
You must have messed up your installation somehow. You could try pressing Ctrl + F5 while you're at the tvheadend interface, it happens to me sometimes as well that only the first tab is visible.
How did you find the addresses for your channels??
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