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House of Cards on XBMC scraping problem.
I'm trying to put House of Cards (the Netflix series with Kevin Spacey) on XBMC, but it keeps scraping another series also named House of Cards.

Anyone know how to fix this? I've tried putting in the date behind the title of the show and everything.

Wondering if I could get some help with this.
TVDB shows the Kevin Spacey series as "House of Cards (US)". Try that as the folder/file names for the show/episodes.
Yep, adding the "(US)" fixed it!

Thanks a lot!
"House of Cards (Trilogy)" is a BBC miniseries based on three novels by Michael Dobbs and shot between 1990 and 1995. It is a Shakespearean political thriller (not just drama, there is murder too) about Whitehall politics whose execution stands on a par with the best performances of the Royal Shakespeare Company. "House of Cards (US)" is a worthy remake, not of the same story but of the same topic: Machiavellian politics, power as an addiction whose price is the perdition of soul. If you enjoy the latter, you should also watch the former.


I followed your steps but its still not scarping.

Folder name : House Of Cards (US)
Episode name : House.Of.Cards.(US).Chapter 1.avi

In XBMC the TV Show folder comes but no season or files.
Because you haven't included the season and episode numbers.

House.Of.Cards.(US).s01e01.Chapter 1.avi
After naming 2500 episodes.. I guess you can still forget to add these. thanks !

House of Cards on XBMC scraping problem.00