Linux -  HTPC Set up advice?
Harmony remotes all the way!
Nickr thanks for advice with the remote , i will go with your recomendation.
ONLY - im a newb and dont understand the part about...
Just download the tarball, and build/install it with these commands:

tar xzf sapphire-4.4.tar.gz
cd sapphire-4.4
sudo make install

That's it. If you ever want to get rid of it, use sudo make uninstall to do so.
Users of newer distros will also now need to add this line to /etc/rc.local:


This script takes care of unbinding the device from the in-kernel hid-topseed driver before loading the sapphire driver to take over control.

How easy is this to do?
because I have no idea how to go about it? can u explain where and how I do this ? laymens terms please!
OK so you are on xbmcbuntu aren't you?

ssh in and then run the following commands, you don't need to copy and paste my comments

sudo apt-get install build-essential # add the packages necessary for building software
wget #get the software source package
tar xzf sapphire-4.4.tar.gz # unzip it
cd sapphire-4.4 #change directory to where you just unzipped the source code
sudo make install  #compile the software and install it!

I have never had to do that last step, but if you find the sapphire module is not loading and you have the hid-topseed module staying loaded, then simply edit the file /etc/rc.local and add the line /usr/local/bin/ just before the last line.

Sounds a hassle, but it really is quite simple.

I will post later tonight about how to make the keymap suit xbmc - it is set up for mythtv as shipped.
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Thanks for that nick r, but still a little confused!

can you make a step by step guide for me if thats not too much trouble?

Thanks again!

I will post later tonight about how to make the keymap suit xbmc - it is set up for mythtv as shipped.

Oh and this would be great aswell. cheers mate!
Sorry it has taken a while to get back here...

Did you get the remote?

I am not sure what more I can explain, unless you are having issues ssh'ing in. If you are then from a windows computer install putty

Start it and put in the ip address of your xbmcbuntu box, and connect to it. Log in with the username and password you set up when you installed xbmcbuntu. Then run the commands I specified, one after the other. They will all give some sort of feedback. If you get errors you can copy and paste from putty quite easily, so you can post back here.

My keymap.xbmc is below:

# Default keymap from sapphire.c v3.0.
# Edit this as you please, keeping in mind that spaces are NOT permitted
# within each column.
#   Eg. this is INCORRECT:   KEY_F15 | ALT
#   whereas this is good:    KEY_F15|ALT
# Use the provided script to install these
# mappings at runtime in place of the driver's built-in mappings.
# Keep your own copy of this file separate from the driver source,
# so that subsequent changes in the driver mappings won't clobber
# your own definitions here.
# As in the example above, "KeyCode" values can be combined with
# any mix of these "modifier" keys:  SHIFT, ALT, CTRL, and/or META.
#  Eg.  SAPPHIRE_PLAY  KEY_P|CTRL      NO_REPEAT  ## Mythtv Play/Pause function
#  Or:  SAPPHIRE_PLAY  KEY_P|CTRL|ALT  NO_REPEAT  ## something else
# The "SpecialOptions" field is used to indicate the desired auto-repeat rate
# for each button individually.  The choices are:
#     NO_REPEAT   - the button will not auto-repeat when held down.
#     SLOW_REPEAT - the button will repeat slowly.
#     RAMP_REPEAT - the button will repeat slowly at first, but speed up if held down.
#     LONGKEY     - no auto-repeat: special behaviour described below.
# The special value "LONGKEY" can be used in "SpecialOptions"
# insted of an auto-repeat setting.  This causes a button on the remote
# to have two separate functions, depending upon how quickly it is released.
# A short-press/release gets the regular "KeyCode" value, but if the button
# is held down for one second or longer, then an alternate value can be send instead.
# Just combine the desired alternate keycode with the LONGKEY tag.
# Eg.  SAPPHIRE_MUTE  KEY_F9  LONGKEY|KEY_F15  ## Mute (tap) or Audiosync (hold)
# ButtonName             KeyCode          SpecialOptions               ## Comments
SAPPHIRE_UP              KEY_UP           RAMP_REPEAT                  ## up    (CUSTOM)
SAPPHIRE_DOWN            KEY_DOWN         RAMP_REPEAT                  ## down  (CUSTOM)
SAPPHIRE_RIGHT           KEY_RIGHT        SLOW_REPEAT                  ## right
SAPPHIRE_LEFT            KEY_LEFT         SLOW_REPEAT                  ## left
SAPPHIRE_ENTEROK         KEY_ENTER        LONGKEY|KEY_F15              ## Select (tap) or Audiosync (hold)
SAPPHIRE_BACK            KEY_ESC          SLOW_REPEAT                  ## Back
SAPPHIRE_PLAY            KEY_P|CTRL       NO_REPEAT                    ## Play/Pause
SAPPHIRE_PAUSE           KEY_P            NO_REPEAT                    ## Play/Pause
SAPPHIRE_VOLUP           KEY_KPPLUS         FAST_REPEAT                  ## Volume Up
SAPPHIRE_VOLDOWN         KEY_KPMINUS        FAST_REPEAT                  ## Volume Down
SAPPHIRE_CHUP            KEY_PAGEUP       SLOW_REPEAT                  ## channel up    (CUSTOM)
SAPPHIRE_CHDOWN          KEY_PAGEDOWN     SLOW_REPEAT                  ## channel down  (CUSTOM)
SAPPHIRE_MUTE            KEY_F8           LONGKEY|KEY_F15              ## Mute (tap) or Audiosync (hold)
SAPPHIRE_RECORD          KEY_R            NO_REPEAT                    ## Record/Delete (CUSTOM)
SAPPHIRE_FWD             KEY_DOT          NO_REPEAT                    ## FFwd
SAPPHIRE_REW             KEY_COMMA        NO_REPEAT                    ## Rewind
SAPPHIRE_ANGLE           KEY_W            NO_REPEAT                    ## Adjust Fill
SAPPHIRE_SAP             KEY_W|CTRL       NO_REPEAT                    ## Toggle Aspect Ratio
SAPPHIRE_DVDMENU         KEY_C            NO_REPEAT                    ## Context Menu
SAPPHIRE_INFOEPG         KEY_I            NO_REPEAT                    ## Info
SAPPHIRE_TAB             KEY_END          SLOW_REPEAT                  ## Commskip Fwd
SAPPHIRE_BACKTAB         KEY_HOME         SLOW_REPEAT                  ## Commskip Rev
SAPPHIRE_RADIO           KEY_O            NO_REPEAT                    ## Signal Monitor
SAPPHIRE_LASTCH          KEY_H            NO_REPEAT                    ## previous chan
SAPPHIRE_LANGUAGE        KEY_L            NO_REPEAT                    ## Next Audio Track
SAPPHIRE_TELETEXTCC      KEY_T            NO_REPEAT                    ## Toggle Closed-Caption
SAPPHIRE_SUBTITLE        KEY_T            NO_REPEAT                    ## Toggle subtitle (CUSTOM)
SAPPHIRE_HOMEHOUSE       KEY_F18          NO_REPEAT                    ## jump to MainMenu (CUSTOM jumppoint)
SAPPHIRE_BLUEVIDEOS      KEY_F14          NO_REPEAT                    ## MythVideo        (CUSTOM jumppoint)
SAPPHIRE_LIVETV          KEY_F16          NO_REPEAT                    ## Program Guide    (CUSTOM jumppoint)
SAPPHIRE_REDDVDVCD       KEY_F13          LONGKEY|KEY_F13|ALT          ## PlayDVD/DVDMenu (CUSTOM jumppoints)
SAPPHIRE_YELLOWPICTURES  KEY_F14|ALT      NO_REPEAT                    ## Watch Recordings (CUSTOM jumppoint)
SAPPHIRE_1               KEY_1            SLOW_REPEAT                  ## 1
SAPPHIRE_2               KEY_2            SLOW_REPEAT                  ## 2
SAPPHIRE_3               KEY_3            SLOW_REPEAT                  ## 3
SAPPHIRE_4               KEY_4            SLOW_REPEAT                  ## 4
SAPPHIRE_5               KEY_5            SLOW_REPEAT                  ## 5
SAPPHIRE_6               KEY_6            SLOW_REPEAT                  ## 6
SAPPHIRE_7               KEY_7            SLOW_REPEAT                  ## 7
SAPPHIRE_8               KEY_8            SLOW_REPEAT                  ## 8
SAPPHIRE_9               KEY_9            SLOW_REPEAT                  ## 9
SAPPHIRE_0               KEY_0            SLOW_REPEAT                  ## 0
SAPPHIRE_STOP            KEY_X            NO_REPEAT                    ## Stop current playback
SAPPHIRE_POWER           KEY_F2           NO_REPEAT                    ## start frontend (CUSTOM desktop script)
SAPPHIRE_CLEAR           KEY_MACRO_0      NO_REPEAT                    ## Adjust audiosync by 90msecs (see below)
SAPPHIRE_GREENMUSIC      KEY_A            NO_REPEAT                    ## Adjust time stretch

# Now for the macro definitions: each macro sends a list of up to eight keycodes:
KEY_MACRO_0    KEY_F15 KEY_DOWN KEY_LEFT   ## Adjust AudioSync by +90msecs

The differences between this and the file supplied with the source is a result of the different key bindings between mythtv and xbmc. My changes are:

1. Change Volume up and down from KEY_RIGHTBRACE KET_LEFTBRACE to KEY_KPPLUS and KEY_KPMINUS

2. Mute from KEY_F9 to KEY_F8

3. Dvdmenu key from KEY_M to KEY_C (context menu)

4. Change the radio button to KEY_O which brings up the codec display - useful for debugging and was a key I otherwise saw no use for.

5. Language button to KEY_L - next audio track

6. Subtitle button to KEY_T - toggle subtitle - this actually seems to toggle through all subtitles, including "off"

7. Stop button to KEY_X - self explanatory.

To produce this file the easiest way is probably again via ssh. You know how to ssh in via putty. The following commands:

sudo mkdir /etc/sapphire
sudo nano -w /etc/sapphire/keymap.xbmc
Now you are in an editor. Cut the contents of my code box above and paste it into the editor. Now ctrl-x to exit the editor and choose Yes when it asks you whether to save the file.

Now use the same technique, ie
sudo nano -w /etc/rc.local
and add two lines just BEFORE the line that says exit 0

/usr/local/bin/ /etc/sapphire/keymap.xbmc

These two lines make sure the right module is running in the kernel, and load the keymap we created. /etc/rc.local is a script that is run by the system when you boot the system.
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Need Help??

I bought a Zotac zbox id42 installed a 750gb WD hDrive and 4gb RAM, and installed the latest version of ubuntu.
Then I dwnloaded XBMC through ubuntu software centre and tried to open it. However it never opened and wouldnt start?
Not sure why? - although I have a CD with all the drivers I need for the ZBOX which I havent installed yet! as i dont have a optical drive! Could I copy them to a Flash rive and install them that way?

Any way as XBMC wasnt working, and I wanted the ZBOX soley for the purpose of a HTPC, plus the fact I didnt like Ubuntu. I decided to go for OpenElec (generic version) as this OS/ install comes with most drivers included.

I dwnloaded it & followed all the installation instructions, however once I reboot the OpenElec logo appears as if everything is ok but just as you think its about to start it goes to a blank black screen and nothing!?

Im wondering if its because the openelec install isnt completley wiping Ubuntu off the hdrive and this is interfering with the install process, or is it the drivers?
Basically all im aiming to do is have my ZBox boot straight into XBMC but as you have read Im having NO JOY what so ever!?

Can any one help me achieve this? Or does anyone have any ideas why this is not working for me?
Better yet does any one own a ZBOX ID42 which has XBMC running on it - Let me know howHuh

As you can Imagine this is annoying the hell out of me!!!
Ive had the ID42 4 days now and still havnt got XBMC running on itHuh
Please Join #openelec - preferable during workhours @ GMT+1

The ID42 is currently the very best choice for xbmc - so I am confident we get you booted :-)
First decide what functions / features you expect from a system. Then decide for the hardware. Don't waste your money on crap.
Thanks - but what do you mean join the openelec forums?

Fritsch as you have worked out Iam having alot of trouble and if you can help,,
I would be very happ and very gratefulHuh
#openelec is an IRC channel.
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How do I join the openlec IRC chanel? why is this better than usin a forum?

Do I join the irc chanel at

If so is saturday ok? as im in work untill friday 9-5pm.

Are you going to guide me step by step from there?
Not sure :-)

My intention is, that you learn something and are happy afterwards. So take pen an paper with you :-)
First decide what functions / features you expect from a system. Then decide for the hardware. Don't waste your money on crap.
what time and day will you be on lirc FritschHuh
Cant you give me some advice on here please?
Pretty sure that as you have an nvidia graphics device you will need the ION version of openelec.
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right ok, I,ll try that.

Is this the one you had in mind?

OpenELEC Stable - ION x86_64 Version:3.0.0

So you dont think its the fact ubuntu was installed first then? and is interfering with the open elec install?

If I have a disc with all the necersary drivers for the ZBOX on, how do I install them without an optical drive?
Can I copy them on to a Flash drive and install them that way?

Also if I install open elec to my 750gb hd will open elec create its on partition to place its OS on and leave the rest free?
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