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Hi guys, I'm new here and can't understand most of the topics here, I'm just not that technical Smile

But as a user of xbmc on my windows7 laptop I wanted a mediaplayer with xbmc on it, it looks better on the side of my tv than a laptop.

So I bought a Minix5 because it looks great, got all the functions I need and can run xbmc.

But after installation I notice that xbmc isn't as user friendly as on my laptop.

The biggest issue I have with xbmc is that I can't play a movie with one button touch. On my laptop it's a right mouse click and play. On android I have to make more clicks to get in to the file and to the video file. This isn't as user friendly as I wanted.

Am I doing something wrong? Or is this not possible? I'm using a rc12 remote controller.

Hope you guys can help me or tell me what a great video app is that works with click and ply.
Why would you use click and play and not just play? Bring up the sidebar and select "flatten" and that should let you just click and play.
Done that, but the issue is still the same, still need to make multipule clicks to get to file playing, have to get to the right .iso file before it will play.

What am I doing wrong? Just want to file to play by the first click Sad
I see the title of the movie, but can't play it with one click, still need to get into the file, anyone got a idea what I'm doing wrong or how to solve this?
the idea is that once you have your movies added into your library then you just click on them once to play.

try adding then all to your library. if you dont know how to do that then try googling "xbmc add movies to library" and see if you can find any instructions/guidance.

if you are stuggling then come back to his forum for help on adding to the library.

if you dont want to create a proper library then pos back with some more deails on what kind of files is it you are trying to play, describe the extra steps that it takes etc
Got a link Smile searched the forum, but got a whole lot of hits and none of them are really a guide to add movies Smile
This should be possible in just File view without having to build a library, but if you want to try making a library (which brings all sorts of other awesome features): Adding videos to the library (wiki).
That is what I thougt, how do I view file??

And will look into building a library, but if it's not necessary just viewing would be great.
What's the point having XBMC if you won't add videos/movies to the library?!

You just have to add and configure video sources (like define scrapper) and let it run one first time to scrape all of your movies.

The it's just point and click.
In windows you don't have to add anything to the library, so I tought it was the same with Android.

But what do you mean with "define scrapper"? I tried to add movies to the library but I got one movie to play and the others I just had a nice cover Smile I tried to rename the files with the renamer, but he didn't change much files.

I'm just a noob with this, so sorry guys for the questions.
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