Using TiVo as a backend?
What would the feasibility be of in the future having XBMC as a front end to a TiVo PVR?

I know there's the access available to control the device via wireless, so possibly there's a protocol which could be deciphered.

I am not sure the playback possibility though.

Couldn't find a thread discussing this so throwing it out for comments.

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Between tivodecode and kmttg the hard work is done it's just a matter of putting the pieces together, I think I might give it a try.
Anyone ever make any progress in this area? It'd be convenient being able to use an xbmc client to stream content stored on a Tivo's drive.
We really need this plugin. Its all open source and 100% legal.
There's also the StreamBaby project.

That acts as a server providing stream-able videos for Tivo players. I'd imagine the same sort of thing could be reverse-engineered to allow something else to act as a client and stream FROM a Tivo.
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