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I'm using an XBMC (v12) client to access MePo TVServer (1.3.0) - at present just trialling via a laptop connected to an old P4 based machine with a TBS DVB-T card. When I first start XBMC and try to select a TV channel under 'Live TV', I get no response.

I know what the problem is - the TVServer is not allowing the connection until I login to it via the XBMC client via Windows. If I make a connection to the TVServer via Explorer and enter valid login credentials it then runs OK.

I've gone through the Windows settings on the TVServer I believe are necessary to turn off the requirement for having to login, but it's still not working - am I missing something?

I'm trying to get it all setup before I launch into a full blown deployment of MePo and XBMC around the house so any advice greatly appreciated.

You will need to tell Windows to remember your login credentials for acessing the Live-TV and Recordings shares on the dialog that asks you for your credentials when accessing the shares using the Explorer.

The easiest option is to create a Windows account on your backend machine with the same username and password as on your XBMC frontend machine.
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Hi margro,

Thanks for that - I have clicked the 'remember my credentials' option but that doesn't seem to work either.

I'll have to see if I can get your other option of a standardised username/password across the two machines to work.

You don't say what O/S you using, if client/server is Win7 - then just create a home group on the server then join the client to the home group. Then set your shares giving permissions to the home group . Then no need to duplicate accounts or even have passwords.
When you set up the folders for time-shifting on the MP server, did you use a Local path or Network? It needs to be something like \\Server\timeshifting and not c:\timeshifting
Birdincamera : Yes, both are Win7 so will try your suggestion.

tommywm22 : Have checked and it is set to a network path, not a local one.

Thanks both.

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