Linux Crystal HD D945GSEJT Ubuntu 12.10

I have Ubuntu 12.10 running on a D945GSEJT Mobo with 2GB Ram.
I was successful in adding CrystalHD Drivers to my Installation.
I am able to play 1080p content smoothly with VLC Mediaplayer 2.1 and HD Live TV feeds (720/1080) from TVHeadend server.
Happy about this I installed XBMC from Ubuntu PPA

The problem now: HD videos won't play smoothly until I reduce XBMC GUI resolution to 1360x768 and XBMC won't use CrystalHD acceleration with Live TV.
Everything still working fine on Lubuntu Desktop, so I think there is no problem with Hardware, although my setup is rather outdated.

Any help would be appreciated!
Post a debug log to when you try to play a movie, it should show why CrystalHD is not being used for decoding.
This is not a bug. The CrystalHD Chip won't decode Live TV streams, so this behavior is expected. Theres has been a workaround once, but it did not make it into XBMC and it seems that no one is interested in fixing this.

What I don't understand is why hardware acceleration in XBMC doesn't work with higher resolution on a machine with correctly compiled drivers and firmware, when it works perfectly under Ubuntu Desktop.
Does XBMC use its own drivers?
Is it possible to make XBMC behave like the Ubuntu desktop?
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Crystal HD D945GSEJT Ubuntu 12.1000