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Android TV Box?
What is currently the best Android TV box?

Looking for:

1) comes with remote, possibly something that is half remote/half keyboard
2) HDMI 1080p output
3) gigabit NIC
4) 802.11n (maybe ac, but I doubt it)
5) build in card reader would be great
6) 2.5inch hdd inside
7) USB 3.0 (2.0 would be ok as well)
You probably won't find anything for 3. 100/10 is fast enough for even the most demanding bluray ISOs.
devices with gigabit do exist

here is one

just trying to figure out what is the best option
(2013-03-28, 06:57)nekrosoft13 Wrote: devices with gigabit do exist

here is one

just trying to figure out what is the best option

I wouldn't trust it until someone does an actual review on it. They like to do things like it's "technically" GB ethernet, but it's connected to the USB bus, which maxes out far below GB. These cheap boxes are notorious for stretching the truth or flat out lying about it.

Which isn't to say that it's not real GB ethernet. If it is, great, but I would just be cautious.
good to know

could anyone recommend a good TV box?
IMHO Geniatech ATV3000B is a good choice. Has everything you've been asking for except point 3, but as Ned Scott pointed out there is no need for such high request -- WiFi 802.11n is good enough, I can stream 1080p movies from my PC (either via SMB or NFS) without any problem.

The only drawback, mentioned box comes with Android, running XBMC on top of it is a real pain: very slow, and no hardware decoding. Fortunately, you can install Linux XBMC on it, and that makes it a really wonderful TV box: it has hardware decoding, and it runs very smoothly.
mygica atv1200 is the best choice in my eyes. amlogic dualcore, android 4.1 and many ports.
id recommend the atv1200 too.

this thread might be useful.
(2013-06-08, 16:58)Eray Ozen Wrote: Maybe you will be interested in that one.
XBMC preinstalled
Android 4.2.2
CPU: Amlogic-8726 MX Cortex A9
Memory: 1 GB ROM: 8GB NAND Flash
WI-Fi: 802.11b/g/n 10/100Mbps

gbox mx2 clone, now stop advertising here Smile
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