XBMC on the play store
It's getting there.
(2014-12-26, 07:07)Ned Scott Wrote: It's getting there.

Excellen news :-)
Any more news on this?
I don't think anything is set in stone. Kodi for Android advices that are seen as "Android TV" will get in the play store first, I believe. This is simply because such devices don't have a complicated issue with audio codec licenses, or something to that extent. Binary add-ons are also much further in development which would allow us to put a "skeleton" version of Kodi on the play store and have codec decoders downloaded like add-ons as needed, and that might help us list Kodi for all Android devices.
Definitely be sure to make a news post regarding this once it hits the play store hopefully soon I really want to get an Android TV Devices been thinking about the Nvidia Shield Android TV once that comes out.
Did not found anything about this on the forum so hope that it is OK if posted here now as seen on Reddit


That is, it now appears to be information available about experimental volunteering for Beta and Alpha testing via Google Play Store on Kodi's Google+ Community Groups

First you need to register yourself as a member of the Kodi Beta or Alpha group. Beta builds should of course be a little the more stable, while the Alpha group gets the latest bleeding-edge builds, both any Alpha and Beta releases are should of course always be considers unstable and only to be used at your own risk.



Secondly you need to click an agreement for receiving Beta/Alpha builds


Once you registered as a member of either the Beta or the Alpha group and clicked on the agreement then you will have to download the Kodi 15.0 (Isengard) installer from the Google Play Store so that you can have the app update automatically. You need at minimum Android 4.2 on your device and Google Services is obviously required on your device, and important is that you use the same account as you use for Google Play store when accepting the agreement.


This will provide auto-updates via Google Play Store just like any other Android app downloaded from there. You can cancel receiving the Alpha and Beta builds by visiting the same https://play.google.com/apps/testing/org.xbmc.kodi
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(2015-04-01, 11:09)Memphiz Wrote: *facepalm*
Sorry did I misunderstand the point or was this a secret?

Not a very good secret if that is the case links to those testing groups with instructions are available on https://plus.google.com/+Kodi-TV

And first link listed when google "kodi android beta test".
Not a secret, no. Mainly because if we tried to make it a secret then some kind of Streisand Effect would happen ;)

We're just taking baby steps right now. Seems VLC on iOS just got busted again for having some audio codec issues, and we're still not sure where we stand on that for Android. In other words, it's not a secret, and users are free to say whatever they want, but the team members are trying to keep it low profile and see what happens.
Oh awesome I joined up now glad to see some progress!

Just a couple questions:

Couldn't figure out how to sideload Kodi on my nexus player since the latest update for lollipop. Can't even get es file explorer on it.
is there another way?

Finally found it on the playstore, currently a tester, everything has been working fine for me so far. Just wanted to know when the Beta or Alpha is done will my kodi update itself?

And thank you kodi for all your hard work Smile
Is there a current alpha or beta group available?

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