Random crashes back to previous screen on wireless connection
I've been having problems with movies playing for (example) 45 straight minutes then crashing back to the previous screen where you select the movie. Then you click on it again, it will crash every 10 min or so then, sometimes quicker...then i have to reset the apple tv for it to play for long periods of time. I will post the setup, pastebin log but i have 2 ATV's they are both exactly the same build, jailbreak etc and the wired connection never, ever goes idle like the wireless one seems to do..then needs a reset.

12.1 Git:20130317-0d373cc), Platform: Darwin iOS (11.0.0, Version 5.1.1 (Build 9B830)). Built on Mar 17 2013
This is on ATV 2, 5.0.2 (4250) i did upgrade to 6.1 then downgraded back to this when i found out xbmc wasn't working on the new ios...im aware it does now.
i used season pass jailbreak, then used firecore to install maintenance then xbmc.

i have looked and looked on this forums since i've been having this problem for over a year and 1/2 on the wireless connection and nothing i read worked. i have done the same thing on my parents ATV setup and theirs never crashes. the only difference is they have vista i have XP.

this is my first time using pastebin so if i screw it up i can take the verbal abuse.
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Random crashes back to previous screen on wireless connection00
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