XBMC with the RK3188 & RK3066 Chipset

Has anyone got XBMC to work on their tablet which has either the RK3188 or RK3066 chipsets fitted?

I have a Pipo M9 and would dearly love to use XBMC on it but after correctly installing, When run, XBMC just helpfully reports "Unfortunately, XBMC has stopped".

Any thoughts or pointers would be greatly appreciated!


How would you define "works"?

I have it running on a RK3066.... but it's not as good of an experience as it is on all of my other devices.
Running on the Minix X5 I have varying degrees of success. With XAF builds using external player it's almost workable but SMB shares and some plugin streaming is hit and miss. With Libstagefright (modified .so ) it's very picky about what it plays, I get low framerate/lag and many files flat out crash the box. Generic Android builds of XBMC are a little behind both options.
I would steer well clear of Rockchip at the moment.

Very much as stated "Unfortunately, XBMC has stopped", This is at initial start.

So not working at all!

My tablet is using the Rockchip 3188 chipset so no avoiding that, it works on my HTPC's OK, but would be nice for when I am away on business.

Thanks anyway.

I'm getting the same result with a PIPO M9 tablet which uses the new RK3188 chip, XBMC installs OK but try to start it up, and it immediately closes with "Unfortunately, XBMC has stopped", my humble opinion is RK3188 isn't supported.

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XBMC with the RK3188 & RK3066 Chipset0
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