Why is my FRODO ignoring my NFO files ?
Hello folks

I have tried to get some help here on this matter but haven't had any luck so far.
After I upgraded from EDEN to FRODO my XBMC is completely ignoring the NFO files and excluding the movies which its not finding on the internet from the database.

My NFO files worked fine with EDEN.

I am using EMBER MEDIA MANAGER (the latest verson which should be compatible with FRODO) to generate the NFO files.

I am also using VOB structure as this:


I also have movie_nfo in the same folder as video_ts.nfo if that means anything.

The DEBUG error log shows that the XBMC does not find the NFO file and then search on the internet were its not finding any information and then excluding the movie from the database.

Many of my movies are music DVD's, Norwegian movies, private videos which is made into VOB format and so.....so I really need to have this NFO working as it did perfectly in the EDEN version.

Here is my DEBUG log: http://eldatech.no/xbmc/xbmc.log

Please help me anyone.

The NFO file needs to be outside the VIDEO_TS folder. Using movie.nfo will do the trick inside the MOVIENAME folder.
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I deleted the movie.nfo file so that I only had video_ts.nfo and now Frodo is reading the nfo file as it should.
The video_ts.nfo is in the VIDEO_TS folder.

Is this correct then ?? Can I leave it in the VIDEO_TS folder or should I move it to the MOVIENAME folder ?

To be able to get the tumbnail up I needed to put the poster.jpg outside the VIDEO_TS folder, in MOVIENAME folder.
Is this correct way to do it ?
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Why is my FRODO ignoring my NFO files ?00
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