Help Identifying Video Term
I am trying to do some research on a video playback issue I am having but I'm not even sure what to search for.
For now I would just like to know if there is a term for the following:

Certain videos when played through XBMC have a virtual line... above the line the video is playing fine...
below the line the video is playing fine... but the upper and lower half are briefly out of sync.
The division is ALWAYS horizontal and always spans the entire screen. But it isn't always along the same Y-axis, and the issue comes and goes.
(Usually it happens during busy action scenes).

This isn't what I think of as artifacting, or pixilation, and out-of-sync I thought only applied to A/V... any ideas?
does it show up in a screenshot? (prtscr on your keyboard, or the record button on some remotes.)

If so, post the screenie Smile
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Probably Vertical Blank Sync issues - check that it is enabled in System\Settings\System\Video Output.
Damn, you guys are good. <-- There is a screen shot on there that matches what I was seeing.

It is "tearing"... and enabling "Vertical Blank Sync" may have fixed it. I just skipped around a video and it was OK so far.
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