Frodo 12.1 Margo with fast channel switching - refresh rate
Hi Margo,

First, many thanks for your work on making the MP backend integration and improving channing switching time.
For a few days now I use the new pre-build version (xbmc-12.1-Frodo-margro.exe).
The improvement is huge indeed, however I noticed that it now takes longer for XBMC to adjust the refresh rate of my screen to the framerate of the stream.
Before, this was instant, as with movies, now it takes about five seconds after the stream is started (screen goes black for a second when changing refresh rate).

This alone is not really an issue, it is a one time thing when zapping, but often I use the following method:
Watching TV at 50Hz > Open guide > RR will go back to 60Hz > select a channel > wait 2 second for stream to start > stream plays ~5 seconds > xbmc changes RR of my screen.
I know it is a minor issue compared to the huge improvement made on channel switching time, but it is annoying and I was wondering if there is a way to fix it?


W7,64b, xbmc-12.1-Frodo-margro.exe, MP1.3.0, plugin v1.3.0.121, IPTV
This is under investigation. For some reason channel selection via the guide stops/reopen player. Using the channels window uses a different method where player is not stopped.
Hi FernetMenta, From a different post I noticed you fixed it (the player did a stop/start causing the RR change):
(2013-04-11, 20:49)FernetMenta Wrote: This should fix reset of refresh rate when changing a channel via EPG:

I'm now on "XBMC Frodo 12.2 with channel switching speed improvements (github/margro/Frodo build)" since this version was released by Margo, but still experiencing the start/stop player issue + the refresh rate change.

Do you know what the status is of your fix?
Again, it's no biggy, but a bit annoying. Thx for your effort!
As best as I could track down, it does seem that fixes to ffmpeg by FernetMenta were long windedly and eventually included in the Gotham code base Smile

Next step is to actually start trying to run on Gotham builds and see if TV addons are working etc and if so what the channel change (and refresh rate change) behaviour is like
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Frodo 12.1 Margo with fast channel switching - refresh rate0
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