Sanoxy remote

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I have just purchased a cheap remote from amazon,

can someone please help me to map all keys for xbmc? only play, pause, stop and navigation is working out of the box. I need OSD, subtitles, audio/video settings etc keys to be mapped. I am running openelec 3.0 on rasp pi.
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abhigarg6 Offline
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any help on the issue I am facing?
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calev Offline
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This remote uses keyboard keys. You will have to edit the keyboard.xml file. You can look at this page for instructions.

HOW-TO:Modify keyboard.xml
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joncoffee Offline
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I bought the small black version. Some of the extra keys did not work. I dug the following codes out of debug files on my Raspberry Pi B+ running Openelec 4.2.1 Xbmc Gotham.

Music Key (Green) <a mod="ctrl,alt">ACTION</a>
Movie Key (Orange) <b mod="ctrl,alt">ACTION</b>
Picture Key (Blue) <c mod="ctrl,alt">ACTION</c>
TV Show (Yellow) <d mod="ctrl,alt">ACTION</d>
X/Exit Button <f4 mod="alt">ACTION</f4>
Open File button <o mod="ctrl">ACTION</o>
Tab <tab>ACTION</tab>
Start/Windows Key <key id="0x20f200">ACTION</key>
My Computer <e mod="meta">ACTION</e>
Desktop Button <d mod="meta">ACTION</d>

The "Mail" and "Internet" button at the top, do not seem to produce any input that xbmc can detect: they did not produce any lines in the debug file.

I also made my own keyboard.xml Available here:
It's a work in progress. But this should allow you to map some of the extra keys.
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