List Controls: Disable focussed item when control loses focus?
It's 2017 and I've stumbled upon the same issue. I have two logically unrelated lists on screen, to make two different, mutually exclusive types of choices (think of: select for your free time one of sports or one of home duties).
A few years later and I've stumbled across this issue for a slightly different reason, but one that underlines the basic issue here: unconsistent behaviour of containers when it comes to last focused items.

This is what I've come across and what doesn't make sense to me:

First issue:
My list and wrap list containers show their last focused item as soon as I move to another control in that very same window - the same applies, if I open a modal dialog from that same window (e.g. the context menu dialog). Contradictory to the argument in this thread, this is totally fine to me as it basically indicates which item the context menu is belonging to. The way I can show that an item is not currently in focus, but only the last focused item is by dimming down the fanart.
But: Why does the panel container behave differently in this case, or rather why can't I control this behaviour of the panel container?

It would make total sense to me to be able to adjust the behaviour of the panel container to behave exactly the same way as other containers. There might be scenarios where you'd want it to behave differently than others, fine, but that's not something normally useful: All containers used in one window for different view types should behave the very same way IMHO.

Second issue:
The behaviour of the panel container is not consistent in itself: When I activate the sub menu by pressing the m key, the last focused item turns into an unfocused one. When I activate the power menu or context menu (a modal dialog that allows me to still see the panel container) the last focused item stays focused the same way it would with e.g. a wrap list container.

In these two ways the panel container doesn't make any sense to me and I'm wondering whether it's a good idea to have one single container type that's behaving differently than all others. Might a solution be to allow skinners to control the last focus behaviour of all container types via an additional tag? Blush
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List Controls: Disable focussed item when control loses focus?0
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