WIP Set autologin profile via the GUI

This is a continuation of the discussion on github. To avoid spamming all the XBMC devs we continue here.

Set autologin profile via the GUI

For those who want to test, this is the current implementation that is available in the nightlies:


"Most recent" will be replaced by "Last used profile" to make it more clear which profile will be used for automatically logging in. "Most recent" is regarded as not obvious what is meant by it. This is the current behaviour in Frodo when the login screen is disabled.


In this window the profile to use for auto login is selected. This solution is regarded as clunky and we're looking for a better way. Also here, the "Most recent" will be replaced by "Last used profile".


Here the login screen is enabled. The Auto login field is disabled (grayed out).

da-anda Wrote:ah, now I get it. Right. Login screen ofc disables autologin - but I don't think it's very userfriendly this way as it's not very obvious (at least it wasn't to me). As you can only have either login screen or autologin I'd combine them somehow, but I don't have a good solution for it yet.
On a quick thought though:
    have two items in the left menu
        one to manage/list accounts
        one to config "login mode" (not sure how to name it)
    manage screen will be as is
    in the "config" screen have these options
        login mode: (select box or something)
            login screen
            autologin last used profile
            autologin selected profile
        profile for autologin: foo
But as said - just a quick thought. Maybe we should discuss it on the forum?

edit: a little off topic, but how about moving the profiles to "settings"? It's a bit odd that they are separate.

Note: I found a bug which I will investigate as it hinders my testing. When you delete the active profile, XBMC says bye, bye. Not caused by the PR, but was already in apparently. Besides, a daytime job hinders as well Wink

I would actually suggest to remove the possibility to remove the active profile. Seems kind of odd that this is currently possible.
I have fixed the bug that crashes XBMC when the active profile is being deleted. The PR is open.
The PR also updates the "Most recent" text to "Last used profile". Tomorrow I'll take a look at the clunky UI and the proposal from da-anda to make it all a bit more user friendly.
I'm back after two weeks of skiing and have picked this up again.

I have implemented two possible solutions to replace the dialog for selecting the profile to use for auto login (see the second screenshot in the first posting of this topic) and issued a PR as a request for comments on these solutions.

The PR contains two possible solutions:

  1. Pressing the 'Auto login' button at the left side of the 'Settings - Profiles' window will cycle through all profiles including the 'Last used profile' option. Note that this button is disabled when the Login screen is enabled.
  2. The 'Auto login using this profile' option is added to the 'Edit profile' dialogbox. In addition a scrollbar is added to indicate to the user that not all available options are visible and that scrolling is required (see screenshot). When the login screen is enabled, then the login screen will automatically be disabled when the profile is selected as auto login profile. When the profile is deselected for auto login, then automatically the Auto login option will fall back to the 'Last used profile' option.


The solution suggested by da-anda has not been implemented yet. The benefit of the two possible solutions in this PR is that it requires only minor modifications to skins whereas the solution suggested by da-anda might have a bigger impact on skins due to the fact that the whole 'Settings - Profiles' window changes.

Any comments on whether this is a better solution than using the original design with the selection dialog, or other possible solutions are most welcome.
i prefer the 2nd solution shown in the last screenshot.
Yes, I like that one myself the most as well. The 'press the button to cycle through all profiles' option in the PR was more something I came up with because the button was already there to open the dialogbox shown in the second screen shot of posting #1. However, I don't think such a 'cycling' button is used anywhere else within XBMC and hence it is less intuitive.

I'm waiting for feedback from the team on how to go forward on this. Now that the June merge window is closed, I hope that someone can find some time to comment. If not, that's ok with me too. For me, the most important thing was the ability to be able to set a default profile. Support for changing this setting via the GUI I see as a bonus and is already in (second screenshot of posting #1). The second option in the PR is nicer in my opinion. I'm glad you like it too Smile
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