Release TvheadendMobileUI: nice web interface for Tvheadend
Can you give the error message from syslog or from normal webinterface (logging window at the bottom) please?
Where did you copy the files to? Can you make an 'ls' and post the output?
Did someone build this with tvheadend backend addon for openelec?
i found athe solution. I put the files in wrong directory....

Thank for your help!
Hi Yaffle,

could you implement a function so we can choose between radio or tv in the Timeline/Zeitleiste?
Hi Pyromaniac,

I have tagged my radio channels with a "radio" tag, so I can filter the timeline for tag "radio"...
Thanks for putting this together, its a great update to the standard TVHE interface!

One question - it seems that only accounts with Admin privileges are able to access these sites - is there anything I can do to modify this? Presumably this change needs to be made within TVHE to define this path as being part of the 'Web Interface' access permissions?
Great interface xoox,

thanks a lot!

I have seen that you receive german EPG data. Where do you get it from?

I have a subscription from As i have seen, little preview pictures are
delivered in the time XML (icon tag), but the are not shown in the web interface.

I would love to see them in XBMC as well, but somehow the tag seems to be ignored.

In your screenshots, preview pictures are shown. Any clue how i can get them to be shown in the interface?
Are you using analog TV? Because, if you would use DVB-C, you should receive the EPG automatically with the Transport-Stream, like Teletext.
tried it, works great.

i''m using tvheadend channel numbers to sort my channels.
is it possible to to sort channels based on tvh channel number?
(2013-07-07, 19:28)Pyromaniac Wrote: Are you using analog TV? Because, if you would use DVB-C, you should receive the EPG automatically with the Transport-Stream, like Teletext.

Nope, using satellite. I didn't had good results with this which brought me to xmltv...
I use the EPG data delivered in the DVB-S Transport-Stream. TvheadendMobileUI can show preview pictures for movies from TMDB. You must fill in a TMDB API-Key (Google helps you) in the file tvh_custom.js. The movies are matched with the name, so it doesn't work in all cases. I haven't got pictures in XBMC, so can't help you in this case.

From my point of view Tvheadend ignores the <icon>-Tag of the <programme>-element completely...

The channels should be ordered by Tvheadend channel number, aren't they?
Hi Xoox.

I have just found your TVH interface thread and want to say a big THANK YOU Big Grin

Have been struggling with XBMC / TVH for ages on RAspberry Pi. All works fine "technically" after some initial learning-in and bug-fixing, but the big problem was that the WAF (wife accceptance factor) was very low Sad - she can't see very well so our media center has always been MS Media Center with MS "narrator" to speak the GUI for her..... together with Windows unreliability and 600W power-hungry PC Confused. I couldn't find anyway of getting speech on XBMC, and the standard TVH web i/f is impossible to use on a speaking iPhone. But your new interface is fantastically easy for her to use. So, together with the iPhone XBMC App, she now can control XBMC and manage recordings on TVH. Sudden increase to 100% (well, 90%) WAF, and I am a happy bunny 'cos I can now run a much better Media Center than Microsoft offer and use the redundant PC for more interesting workBig GrinBig Grin
I also like this addon, will there be a version vor tvheadend 3.9.x? Only epg search and recordings are working now.
There is branch for tvheadend-4.0
Thanks! Works for me!

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