Gigabyte Brix looks like a winner
(2013-04-13, 14:28)voochi Wrote:
(2013-04-13, 07:03)lukasnmd Wrote: YES I agree, but I see his point when the reporter said: "While Gigabyte didn't directly state the Raspberry Pi as the market it was going after, it alluded to this with its reference to "having only one main competitor".

The "one main competitor" they were referring to is obviously the NUC. The journalist is very dim if he thinks they were referencing the Pi.

OK, you got the point, now I understand, my mistake, I didnt think this way... I was focusing on the words "educacional purposes". As I said earlier, I dont think the journalist knows about NUC existence. He may know about RasPi existence because it had a media exposure, etc...
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