Gigabyte Brix looks like a winner
I knew it wasn't a hardware issue unless it had to do with network.

Movies scrap just fine, it is only TV that will not even try. The logs don't show no connection or unable to contact server.

I also tried v12.1 for Windows just to see if maybe it was a defect. But, same results.

I am running Openelec now but that is not scraping either now. But, I did figure out the Audio issue. Don't enable DTS or TrueHD if you TV can't handle it Smile Slowly if I can get the remote to work and not have it drop the keyboard and mouse each time it reboots that would be great.

Maybe it will sort it's self out, or I get luck and switch the correct switch.
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RE: Gigabyte Brix looks like a winner - by OzPlanet - 2013-07-14, 03:10

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Gigabyte Brix looks like a winner3.52