Gigabyte Brix looks like a winner
Well, it's about features more than small differences in performance. Does the NUC, Brix or barebones have all the stuff you need? And, like I said, if the C1007U/C1037U is only a bit more, I'd get the C1007U/C1037U. If it's cheaper, then it's a no brainer. The X-26 in the other thread with the C1037U is under $200 shipped to the USA and it has quality components from two manufacturers I use -- Giada and Iwill.

BTW, my math has $195 + $36 from a Taiwanese dealer in your link = $231.

My C847 is $199 shipped in the USA

What's the difference besides price and processor? Size, of course. If you want something tiny the Brix wins. If you want something larger that can hold 2.5" HDDs then the E-i3 is a better choice. If you only need one USB and just HDMI, the Brix is a good choice. If you need more USB ports, analog audio, and/or VGA the E-i3 is a better choice.

One is only better than the other depending on your needs, wants and budget.
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