Gigabyte Brix looks like a winner
(2013-09-09, 17:54)OzPlanet Wrote:
(2013-09-09, 16:37)lukasnmd Wrote: OzPlanet, did you tried to talk with gigabyte support and trade for a another one or something ?

I am 4 hours away from the computer right now. I just needed it to work. I will try to contact them when I get a chance.

But, the fan was too loud to begin with sounds like a jet engine. It would cycle up and down when not in use. I was planning on changing out the fan for something quieter. Seems like it will be a easy task since the heat sink seems to have enough surface area for a case fan. All it will take is cutting a round hole in the top of the case and installing a fan on the top. It will not look pretty, But, it will keep it cool as well as draw hot air out of the entire case.

The NUC has issues with the Hard Drive burning out because there is no cooling. The WiFi adapter and Hard Drive are on top of each other the heat compounds between the 2. If you compare the Brix vs NUC they are the exact same layout just different configuration of ports. So whatever issues the NUC has the Brix will also suffer from.

I guess the Brix will not look pretty after cutting a hole on top, but silense at least. NUC has fanless cases, Brix has any? Do you know? Or at least a case with more improved airflow.

About NUC and Brix issues, I tought that also, this is the reason I will not buy one yet.

I wish they made something tiny and silent, powerful for day-to-day work and web surfing, like i5-4gen. I just need a silent (and FAST) pc for bedroom, with xbmc, hdmi, beatiful, tiny and with wireless keyboard+mouse combo, all this just for watch movies from storage server, TV from my iptv setup, web surf, netflix (I will use W7 Home Premium), mostly web surf since I already have a ATV1 and a RaspberryPi both with XBMC.
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