Gigabyte Brix looks like a winner
(2013-09-10, 13:41)lukasnmd Wrote: I guess the Brix will not look pretty after cutting a hole on top, but silense at least. NUC has fanless cases, Brix has any? Do you know? Or at least a case with more improved airflow.

About NUC and Brix issues, I tought that also, this is the reason I will not buy one yet.

I wish they made something tiny and silent, powerful for day-to-day work and web surfing, like i5-4gen. I just need a silent (and FAST) pc for bedroom, with xbmc, hdmi, beatiful, tiny and with wireless keyboard+mouse combo, all this just for watch movies from storage server, TV from my iptv setup, web surf, netflix (I will use W7 Home Premium), mostly web surf since I already have a ATV1 and a RaspberryPi both with XBMC.

I contacted one of the companies that make fanless cases for NUC and asked that very question. They said they were not able to create one for the Brix because of how the circuits are located on the board they could not secure a copper block to the MB. They said the Haswell MB the new Brix coming out they will have cases for. Kind of sucks I just bought this Brick Smile
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