Gigabyte Brix looks like a winner
(2013-09-12, 16:34)lukasnmd Wrote:
(2013-09-12, 13:23)twelvebore Wrote:

Brix with Iris Pro graphics? $500+? This is what I was referring to in the NUC thread about these things creeping up in price through addition of bells and whistles in the high-end.

This is disapointing, Brix and NUC arent for gaming or high end GPU's, the concept of a tiny PC is low comsumption of space and energy, fast and productive, not a highend machine capable of play 8K videos and games at extreme high graphic settings... I doesnt understand WHY Intel and Gigabyte are trying to make tiny pcs with so much power, we only need a tiny device with conectivity that is fast and low wattage comsumption... IHMO.

Because people use PCs for things other than XBMC believe it or not. Yes, it true! Big Grin Most people who buy PCs actually!

I'd love to have something this size with this much power for an office, photo/video editing or development machine. I just don't want it in the stupid red or yellow color Smile
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