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librtmp - Help Thread
Due to increasing demand for support on librtmp relating to XBMC and the fact that it covers many different video add-ons, I am creating this thread for any support releating to librtmp.

librtmp stands for RTMP Library which is part of rtmpdump (http://rtmpdump.mplayerhq.hu/) which is used in XBMC to play RTMP Video Servers. The reason you can't always use the one included in XBMC is because some servers purposely break stuff so that third-party players are broken so folks like KSV and others make patches yet a new librtmp file needs to be made and placed into XBMC to play said streams. Also some features such a redirects are not supported in the main official version of rtmpdump.

Note: I will never put in the Xeebo Handshake 10 patch for two reasons, for one it's usually immediately given a take down notice and it's only for x86 and known not to work well in librtmp form, making it very impractical for these uses.

Links for librtmp:

My librtmp and rtmpdump files always with latest KSV patches and other related patches like Xeebo's (not Handshake 10 patches)

Note: More info on which folder to download from and what patches have been applied are located in the readme.txt in the root of the MediaFire folder.

OpenELEC users - How to update librtmp (described by Milhouse):

My modified Android APKs

Wiki Link to for librtmp: (Check this out on how to "install" the replacement librtmp file)

Please while asking for support, not only state what hardware (PC, iPhone, ATV2, RasPi, etc) AND specify your exact Operating System/Distro! (Truly speeds up support time Smile)

If you wish to have a private/public LiveStreams list of your own like mine, just sign up for a Dropbox (using my referral link Smile) https://db.tt/xIzUpCfj and then you can use the same URL list method that I use to share the list via all your XBMCs. NOTE: Dropbox has disabled the Public folder feature by default, so use this link after you sign-up for your account to renable it: https://www.dropbox.com/enable_public_folder and you are good to go. Smile

EDIT 3-29-14 - New librtmp files on Mediafire. For a list of changes in this version and the exact changes in every version before this, please visit:


If you want report any issues with the librtmp with a particular add-on, please specify which XBMC version (Frodo vs Gotham), which add-on, and exactly what channel/where exactly it's failing in the addon. This helps tremulously with debugging.

Just a word of warning to folks, DO NOT post any XML code (like LiveStreams code) that links to "questionable" material. It is against forums rules about copywritten material and even if it wasn't it still allows the streaming websites in question to either know about the links quicker to shut them down or implent security techniques to break XBMC's streaming ability of their streams.
Just to let folks know I am currently looking for input on whether or not my Android APK is currently working.

As I mentioned before it has a different signature than the offical so you will lose everything if you don't backup before installing.

So far I got one person saying SportsDevil is not loading but that might be something with 13.0 Alpha 2 and SportsDevil compatability.

Please post your experience if you decide to try my modded apk.
great idea to open this thread RedPenguin,

thank you!
Thanks redpenguin hopefully information now will start to be centralized!

Cheers and thank you

PS: Simple request: Can you please simplify your librmp url 'repository' so it would be easy to browse with mobile phone browsers?
Hey RP,
Looking at both windows versions there is a large increase in file size between ksv vs your RP version. Are there any major additions or benefits to choosing your RP version over the default ksv?

Thanks again for the updates,
(2013-04-13, 19:52)PatrickBateman Wrote: Hey RP,
Looking at both windows versions there is a large increase in file size between ksv vs your RP version. Are there any major additions or benefits to choosing your RP version over the default ksv?

Thanks again for the updates,

Nah, techically same file for the most part, it's just when I made the original files in the Older folder, I was having trouble figuring out how to cross-compile on Windows. I mean I had every other version which was needed and KSV always does Windows, but once I finally learned what was wrong I figured share it and now it's like something I do by default, LoL.
Ahh I see. Thanks for that.

So for my windows boxes is the best, most upto date and compatible version of lib the one located in the "Newer" section here http://www.mediafire.com/?x4cvp5hl4m9xr#zdayguncsyi4n and would you say it doesn't matter which one I use (RP/KSV) are they both pretty much identical, do you recommend one over the other, is either slight better etc..

Sorry for all the questions, just wanting to make sure I have he best version to ensure the most compatibility for streams etc.

Thanks agin,
np for question asking, that's the reason I made this thread Smile

Anyway, I thought about this the other day and how to explain to folks.

If you use either or you would get virtually identical results, the only real difference would be I made the RP version so I can support it much further as I know exactly how it was compiled and everything, not that KSV's version would not be good, but if something went wrong it would have to go to him as I would not know exactly what commands and/or toolchains he would have used.
That makes perfect sense Nod
In that case I'll grab your version from the section above Big Grin

Thanks RP,
Much appreciated,
If anyone is using my Android APK and using the LiveStreams plugin with my list (in my sig) and can test some channels with the * or meaning ones that need an updated librtmp if they can test and see if they work.

My friend is not able to play many of the channels due to getting "DNS Failed to Resolve" totally random hosts from the list.
(2013-04-13, 17:12)enen92 Wrote: PS: Simple request: Can you please simplify your librmp url 'repository' so it would be easy to browse with mobile phone browsers?

I will definitely try that out but as of right now I am not quite sure how to modify it yet but I am open to any suggestions.
does any of the librtmp.dll work for window's!!? it just does'nt seem to work for me in live.to. in sportsdevil custom module.... Sad
Yes both the older and newer ones are confirmed to work in Windows.

I have various times watched ilive.to with them.

Are you putting the file in "C:\Program Files\XBMC\system\players\dvdplayer" (32-bit Windows) OR "C:\Program Files (x86)\XBMC\system\players\dvdplayer" (64-bit Windows)?

I have at least 2 friends I seen ilive.to work for them as well.
yes i have!! just when i start it it keeps on cutting off .. it doesn't play at all Sad
Can you please check out this page:


And submit your log?

I have no explanation especially without seeing your log as to why ilive.to would not work for you.

What version of Windows do you have?

Did you try closing and reopening XBMC?
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