$200 xbmc front-end for "Group 6" use-case?
I see these on Ebay for $200 . Anyone know if this will handle 1080i/p, netflix hd streams, pass-thru audio and old-school ROM's? Acer Direct Link for full specs.

In short it has --
- HDMI output
- AMD E1-1200
- HD7310 (w/ UV3D decoder).

I plan to pair it with a PVR backend in a separate stand-alone server.

Anyone have any experience with these components? The processor feels a little light, but then most of the work will be done by the vid card right? Feedback please...

*Edits for clarity*
The more powerful AMD Fusion CPUs cannot handle Netflix HD so it's very unlikely this can. The weakest CPU I've tested that will handle Netflix HD is the Celeron 847.
So I started reading about Netflix and noticed the HUGE thread about them crippling their API. As, a result, I am starting to rethink the capabilities of my build. I already have a Netflix streamer (WDTV) and the thought process about incorporating Netflix into XBMC build was mainly to attempt universal harmony (aka- make the wife & kids happy) by placing everything in the same interface. That dream appears DOA.

So now I have a choice to make....

Option A: Go with a Win8 & i3-3225 for Netflix OS playback (more $$ and users still have to toggle out of xbmc)
Option B: Continue to use my WDTV for Netflix & scale back the HTPC dramatically

I would still want to bitstream to my receiver, but that is mainly a function of the graphics board associated with the HDMI port, right? Not so much a processor load thing?

So if Netflix is out as a requirement, how low can I go?

Would the $200 unit in the original be back on the table? Is even that overkill now?

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$200 xbmc front-end for "Group 6" use-case?0
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