GSoC Idea: Movie cut assistant

I'm a master student of computer science in Germany and I recently had the idea to add some video cut capabilities to xbmc. The idea is to use ffmpeg as video decoding library and to provide a simple interface that allows the user to set cut marks and thereby remove advertisement or similar. Due to the use of ffmpeg I'm not sure whether it is possible to implement this feature as a plugin. The platform could also be an issue when using C/C++ as programming language. My target platform is Linux on an Intel x86 system but I would also try to support other systems like ARM and other operating systems like Windows.

My question now is whether or not this feature is of any interest for the community and a possible mentor in particular.


  • Name: Stephan Platz
  • forum/e-mail: paalsteek
  • Summary: At least Linux is lacking a software that allows the user to cut video files in a simple but exact matter. This should be fixed in this project.
  • How will I achieve this: The number of controls needed for cutting a video is rather small. One has to be able to skip throught the frames and select sections that should be removed/kept. Decoding and recoding the cut video can be achieved by using ffmpeg.
  • What will the project focus on: The focus is a working extension of xbmc that allows the user to cut a video.
  • Benefits: This project will benefit all users that use VDR or platforms like
  • Goals:
  • What does it touch in XBMC: This project will mainly extend xbmc and therefore not much change in the existing code base should be required.
  • Requirements:
  • Possible mentors:
I'd recommend following the outline found here:

It'll make it much easier for possible mentors to parse through your idea and give them important info.
Out of curiosity, have you considered implementing MythTV's EDL writing engine in XBMC?
Porting out the MythTV editing engine would probably be good since MythTV is cross-platform. Hopefully this project gets done, GSoC or not. A standalone(xbmc plugin or purely standalone) would be good for non-MythTV users.
(2013-04-25, 04:05)natethomas Wrote: Out of curiosity, have you considered implementing MythTV's EDL writing engine in XBMC?

I haven't really thought about that yet as my last attempt to run MythTV didn't really work out. But I will have a look at it. Supporting EDLs is a good idea.
Afaik there are only three Linux-Apps out there being able to do lossless Mpeg-Cutting: Avidemux, DVBCut and Gopchop.

Gopchop is not very userfriendly so I never could test it. Avidemux can even cut HD-videos but sometimes produces videos with A/V-sync-errors or just crashes.

DVBCut really is the only program in linuxworld being able to produce lossless-cutted mpeg2-files without any sync- or video-error. No matter which internal encoder you choose, no matter if the input-movie has DVB-C-streaming-errors. This program always produces error-free output.

Please take a look on this program when coding a movie-cutter. It is really unique and of course opensource. I think it doesn't use ffmpeg.
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Any progress on this one?
Idea of simple video editig seems realy wonderful to me...
I'd love to see it working so much!



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