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Quote:Is there any 'unknown' keys listed in the mapper tool? Probably your ir receiver uses a different set of key combination for green button. You can try eventghost with mce plugin if nothing works.

There does not seem to be any "unknown" key listed in the mapper tool. I started with the Eventghost and mce plugin option. To my understanding this is supposed to allow me to understand what IR code the Windows remote button is using or to bypass that and just remap it to launch Plex?

So I have installed Eventghost, installed the Mce Plugin Vist/Win7 from within Eventghost, I installed the AlternateMceIrInstaller_x64.msi and the AlternateMceIrService_x64.exe files stated in this forum and rebooted. Now none of the buttons on the remote seem to register with the computer. I launch Eventghost and Eventghost doesn't see anything happening from the remote either.

The one thing that the forum explains is that I have to create a service to elevate the MCE driver and then it will work but doesn't explain how to do that. Here it is word for word.

"The current MceRemote plugin relies on a dll that won't work on Vista/Win7 unless it is called with elevated privileges. This is a known problem, and it arises from the fact that Windows installs the IR receiver's driver with restricted access controls. For more detail, you can reference this thread or this one.

In order to solve this problem, I've followed the path MediaPortal took, which is to create a windows service that attaches to the driver. The service is installed and runs at elevated rights, so it can connect to the IR driver. Any received messages are then pushed out on a NamedPipe, which is created at "normal" privilege. A new EG plugin can then connect to this pipe to handle IR events."

That being said is the AlternateMceIrService_x64.exe I installed supposed to install elevated? When I go into services I can see that AlternateMceIrService is running but it states "non-elevated". Maybe this is why Eventghost is not seeing the buttons pressed on the remote.

Any advise on this baijuxavior?

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