Some channels disappear
I have a HTPC with a Dual DVB-T TV tuner and all of my films / Music on it. On this I am running Windows 7, NextPVR and I have just setup XBMC / Aeon Nox Skin and NextPVR add-on (All the latest versions / updates)

I have a Netbook with Ubuntu 12.04LTS and the XBMC application with the NextPVR add-on (All the latest versions / updates)

I can connect to the HTPC, from the Netbook and watch LiveTV over my wireless network. However sometimes when I go to change channel, the list of around 100 channels seems to refresh and only shows about 5/6 channels.

I’m not sure what is causing this and would appreciate help in trying to solve this problem.
I am having a similar issue. I have a win PC server in the office which holds movies/TV shows/tuner. I have an openelec box in the living room that is connected to the server. I only have a total of 12 channels, which is how it is supposed to be for me. Sometimes there is only 9 or 10 channels displayed in the EPG. All channels are displayed on the server however.
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Some channels disappear00