Release WatchedList - service to automatically save/restore watched state
(2015-05-16, 16:17)schapplm Wrote:
(2015-05-07, 21:51)TTTG Wrote: I think I've found a bug in at line 1112. At the moment it tries to stick a unix timestamp in to the DATETIME/TIMESTAMP field which causes the script to fail.

Thanks for looking in the code. Fixed this.
Since this the error never occured on my machine and all my lastplayed-information is correct, I think some combination of kodi version/mysql version/malformed timestamp data in the kodi database could have caused that.
Which kodi version are you using?


I'm running version 14.2.

Yes the error was only very rarely occurring for me, I think I managed to track it down to only occurring when a movie existed in the database already that was marked as watched, then an upgraded version was downloaded (i.e. when the BluRay came out), it would then fail to mark the newly downloaded file as watched.

I'm having another issue as well, the addon seems to just randomly decide to stop running the periodic update, restarting kodi will get it to start again and there is absolutely nothing in the logs (even with debug enabled for both the addon and kodi) to indicate why it happened. The last mention you see in the logs is the previous run completing successfully, then nothing else. Once it happens if i kick off the addon manually it runs fine with no errors reported. Don't suppose you've ever noticed this?
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