Release WatchedList - service to automatically save/restore watched state
Hi @schapplm

I'm trying to use WatchedList to sync the watched state of two Kodi installs, which looks perfectly viable based on comments throughout this thread.
The main system is Windows 8.1/Kodi 15.2, and the secondary system (not used often) is OpenElec 5.0.8/Kodi 14.2.
The WL database is located on a MySQL system, but Kodi databases are local to each install.

On the main (Windows) system, WL does not appear to update the database on the set schedule, despite being set to autorun/periodic/3 hourly.
The database is updated correctly if I manually launch the add-on, and then the OpenElec system correctly applies the changes at some time later (also periodic/3hr). However the Windows box never seems to update the WL database automatically, even if left for days.
Follow-user is set to 'on', and a 5-min wait set for start-up delay, on both systems.

Can you please tell me if these settings /should/ be working as a way to keep the databases synced (with the obvious 3-hour potential delay)?
Or advise an alternate set of settings that I can try? A delay in sync is fine, especially as the OpenElec system is a low-spec CPU and and cannot crunch the databases quickly.

Thanks for any help..
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